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My Top 50 Tracks of 2019

When looking back on the sheer amount of great singles we’ve had in 2019, I honestly couldn’t of hoped for a more fantastic way to conclude the decade of the 2010’s.

In celebration of this, rather than my lists of my top 20 tracks in previous years (via Blogger), I have this time gone for the big 50. But even when broadening this amount, it was still incredibly tricky to pick even 50 from the bottomless amount of amazing songs, so don’t be disheartened if your favourite wasn’t on here.

I have basically qualified any track that has been released in 2019, or has been part of an album or EP released in 2019, so some 2018 teaser track may just be on here.

So without delaying any further, let’s begin…

50: Rex Orange County — It Gets Better

I must admit that after only going into Rex Orange County’s newest album Pony so recently, I surprised myself by starting this list off with what I believe to be the best singles off of said LP. “It Gets Better” is both beautifully grand and masterfully progressive. I absolutely love the bridge/climax of this song where both Rex and the various strings ascend into a glorious and spine-tingling melody. I also believe it to be one of the truest tracks to the albums uplifting theme.

49: Bring Me The Horizon — in the dark

After ranking “MANTRA” (another track off of Bring Me The Horizons new album, amo) so highly on last years top singles list. I thought it’d be fitting to pay respects to the band once more. However, with their newest album having released in January, there was a handful of extra material to choose from. My heart ultimately went for “in the dark” as I feel that this is the best-case-scenario for the bands newfound pop-inspired approach we see on amo. I also think the vocals heard on this songs bridge are amongst the best I’ve heard from BMTH frontman Oliver Sykes.

48: R.A.P Ferreira — Respectdue

The lyrical artist Rory Ferreira goes under many names; from Milo, to Scallops Hotel, the most recent alias discovered by myself is of course R.A.P Ferreira. The first and only single released (or at least on Spotify) under this new name, “Respectdue” is an incredibly raw and straight-forward hit. There’s no technical experimentation on this track like you would expect from a Scallops Hotel project. Instead, you just have an acoustic and jazzy instrumental, and Ferreira’s insane lyrical flow. I also loved the reference to fantasy writers J. R. R. Tolkien and George R. R. Martin.

47: Lana Del Rey — Doin’ Time

Despite the fact that I feel that Lana Del Rey’s latest album is just a little overrated, there is no denying just how brilliant, and downright catchy the single “Doin’ Time” is. I adore the whimsical strings and steady beat that make up the production. Pair this with Del Rey’s intimate, velvety, and echoing vocals, and you have yourself a stellar tune.

46: La Roux — Gullible Fool

For nostalgic reasons, I am very excited about La Roux’s return to music. However, the way I felt about the first track she released to tease this comeback, “International Woman Of Leisure” got quite stale quite fast (but not to a damaging degree). Nevertheless, I was extremely glad that La Roux had released a second track shortly after. “Gullible Fool” is both an extensive experience and an incredibly catchy bop, with enough changes at the right points to keep the track a constant interest.

45: Bakar — Hell N Back

After thoroughly enjoying Bakar’s debut album Badkid, I kept my promise when I said I’d be following the artist’s next move, which ended up being a 5-track EP. The EP as a whole has a very convincing bittersweet tone, but one of the highlights for sure had to be the teaser track “Hell N Back”. Telling the story of how a loved one had come and saved him from a very dark place, this track is one of the most adorable songs I had heard this year. The warm, upbeat mixture of guitar strings, trumpets, and whistling give this track such an uplifting mood. It feels so peaceful to listen to it every time.

44: Rammstein — DEUTSCHLAND

In terms of teaser tracks, I had rarely seen better than Rammstein’s “DEUTSCHLAND” this year. This track heralded the long-awaited and highly anticipated return of the German industrial metal band in quite possibly the most perfect way possible. Despite the fact that their newest album eventually became a bit of a disappointment, what I love most about “DEUTSCHLAND” is that it doesn’t doo too much to be different or out there, as it’s purpose is to essentially re-introduce the band and their signature style. This is exactly what “DEUTSCHLAND” did, and it did so flawlessly.

43: Coldplay — Church

Grant it, I was ideally hoping for the whole of Coldplay’s newest project Everyday Life, to once again let me know that the band still has what it takes. While this didn’t completely come to fruition, there were a small handful of singles that did remind me of the good old days. The most prominent of those singles, in my opinion was “Church”. The gorgeous strings and methodical beat reminded me a fair bit of a song from 2005’s X&Y. There is certainly a very enchanting atmosphere with this track; one that felt all too abundant with Coldplay just a decade ago.

42: Sam Fender — That Sound

Hypersonic Missiles was an incredibly solid debut from rising star Sam Fender, and an album which I very nearly reviewed. To make up for not doing so, I thought I should at least write about one of the few phenomenal tracks on this record. While “Play God” could’ve just as easily snagged this spot, I decided to go for “That Sound”. It’s an absolutely epic single which features both a very Stone Roses-esque guitar melody, and some of the finest vocals from Sam Fender himself.

41: James Blake — Assume Form

One of the earlier singles on this list, the starting and title track for James Blakes newest album essentially felt like the first sign that this year was musically going to be very special. I was blown away by the fluidity of the piano melody. It doesn’t stick to a concrete rhythm, and instead feels like flowing water. But while this track generally feels quite unpredictable, its absolutely beautiful at the same time. On a personal note, I was going through some tough days at the beginning of the year, and this track was gorgeous enough to lift my spirits even through that.

40: Xiu Xiu — Scisssssssors

My introduction to Xiu Xiu in the form of their latest album Girl With Basket Of Fruit is one that I wont soon forget. I loved the album for just how dark and surreal it was. But when it came to the tracks, picking a favourite proved to be quite tricky. The album carries with it a big handful of incredibly unique songs, but I ultimately decided to go with “Scisssssssors” for its hyper-fast rhythm and colourful mixture of instrumental elements, which all contribute to make an immensely creepy, and simultaneously enjoyable track.

39: Kesagake — My Country

Kesagake are a local band who I have been in touch with for a fair while now. But with their debut album Anyone For Tea?, their appeal even transcended past my slightly biased reasons for loving the band; it is a genuinely amazing project. But when it comes to my favourite track, I still felt that I had to make a slightly biased decision. As a single, “My Country” came long before the full album. But it seemed that Kesagake had updated the quality of the track to better fit with the album. With this, it gave “My Country” a completely new feel. This track I ended up choosing is and will always be an absolute banger!

38: Soilwork — Full Moon Shoals

Soilwork’s Verkligheten was arguably the first album this year that I truthfully anticipated. Especially after revisiting their 2013 masterpiece The Living Infinite, I was excited for this one to drop. Despite my eagerness to listen to Verkligheten, there were a couple of teaser tracks that I didn’t fully immerse myself in until right before the full albums release. One of those teasers, was “Full Moon Shoals”. While there were some of the newer tracks that I loved enough to consider placing on here, “Full Moon Shoals” won me over with its epic, mastodon-inspired guitar riffs and powerful vocals, particularly in the chorus.

37: Talkslow — Ecstacy

Another local band that I was really happy to see new music coming from was Talkslow. Formerly a different band, whose live shows I regularly went to back in the day, a handful of the members from that band (and one new frontman) have moved forward, and really brought their desired sound to the forefront, with a new collection of singles under the guise of Talkslow. Out of the 6 singles (all of them incredible) the band put out, I believe that the intimate groove and nocturnal atmosphere of “Ecstacy” places it atop the rest.

36: Danny Brown — Best Life

It took me long enough to distinguish this single as better than the rest, but it was uncanny just how much “Best Life” grew on me, while the rest of the tracks on Danny Brown’s uknowhatimsayin? almost did the opposite. The cheery, soulful production paired with Danny Brown’s signature vocals just gives this track a new level of swagger.

35: The Amazons — Mother

Similarly to Sam Fenders album, I was close to reviewing Future Dust by The Amazons as well. While this album is overall really quite solid, I feel that the clear highlight of the project is the single “Mother”. This track has an epic indie edge that could rival the best put out by the likes of Foals, and the harmony of guitar and vocals in parts of the track are just really something to behold.

34: Tame Impala — Borderline

I am indeed very excited to listen to Tame Impala’s newest album next year, and the earliest teaser track to make an appearance on said album is a big reason why. Released back in mid April, “Borderline” simply has this incredibly spellbinding sound. I love the bouncy melody created by the synths, which are then mixed with other instruments to really give it that layered depth. But above all else, it is just one of the catchiest bops that 2019 has had to offer.

33: Frank Carter & the Rattlesnakes — Heartbreaker

Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes’ newest album, “End Of Suffering” is a very solid effort indeed. However, I did kind of wish that there was just more of a traditional feel to the album which would help connect it to their previous two projects. Thankfully, I felt that “Heartbreaker” seems the most like a song you’d find on a previous Rattlesnakes album, particularly Modern Ruin. This track is both a very catchy tune that was the highlight of their Reading & Leeds performances this year, but also a track that perfectly carries that essential punk energy.

32: Jordan Rakei — Rolling Into One

The more I look back on Jordan Rakei’s “Rolling Into One”, the more I realise just how much of an essential summer jam it was. The bright electronic melody and the energetic, funky beat all culminate to make this such a brilliant pick for encapsulating the warmth of the summer. “Rolling Into One” is especially responsible for the album, Origin, as a whole being among the first that comes to mind when remembering the summer of 2019.

31: Dorian Electra — Man to Man

Quite possibly the most recently discovered pick on this list, Dorian Electra’s “Man to Man” is a glorious f**k you to the toxicity of our beliefs in what counts as masculine, and instead justifies a belief that intimacy and openness are the true manly attributes. As much as I love the concept, I also find this track to also be the most musically gripping amongst the many other great tracks on the album known as Flamboyant. The primary melody really had me as a listener hooked almost instantly, and also felt that the constant vocal distortion was put to great use here too.

30: Mark Morton — Cross Off (feat. Chester Bennington)

This track was pretty much responsible for getting me to review Lamb of God guitarist, Mark Morton’s solo project entirely. Why? the sole reason, admittedly, was the posthumous feature of LINKIN PARK frontman, Chester Bennington. And while the full album eventually turned out to be a bit of a flop, this song remained unforgettably good. The sheer rawness and power from Benningtons vocals were the kind that I had been longing for, for so many years. And despite being posthumous, the beautiful irony is that I have rarely felt more life come from Chester Bennington, than with his outstanding contribution to this track. I will also say that Morton’s own contribution to the song, with his relentless, thrashing riffs, were also very solid.

29: Denzel Curry — WISH (feat. Kiddo Marv)

Much like Jordan Rakei with “Rolling Into One”, Denzel Curry’s “WISH” is also a complete summer jam. But what places this track a few places above is that it has an even greater sense of warmth and colour. The glistening production behind this track has quite the 80’s feel, which elevates the joy and immersion with this track. Denzel’s flow is also incredibly smooth and I feel that the track as a whole just feels really faultless in its composition.

28: Sundara Karma — Symbols Of Joy & Eternity

Sundara Karmas newest album Ulfilas’ Alphabet has its fair share of stellar tracks to pick from, but none grew on me as progressively as “Symbols Of Joy & Eternity”. I find the song now to be both a very easy listen, and also one that never gets stale. It is so catchy that it still feels like a new song evey time I listen to it, and for that, I absolutely love it.

27: All Them Witches — 1X1

This song came as quite possibly the biggest relief of 2019. After being so disappointed with the album that psychedelic rock band All Them Witches put out last year; ATW, I was worried that the band were really beginning to lose their uniqueness and edge. That possibility was wiped out from my mind when I first heard this awesome stand-alone single. A perfectly progressive track and amongst one of my favourites in the All Them Witches discography. I am very happy to say, that the band have still got it.

26: Jafaris — Ghost

While Jafaris’ debut album Stride was eventually surpassed by a selection of other rap records down the line, the sheer grandeur and soulfulness behind the albums final track “Ghost” will remain unforgettably good. The production especially just feels so spiritual and regal, that I always feel my spirits lifting when I hear this track. It has a beautifully bittersweet melody which perfectly compliments the lyrics of the track. It is a truly special tune.

25: Post Malone — Sunflower (feat. Swae Lee)

Out of all of the tracks found on Post Malones third album Hollywood’s Bleeding, I ultimately decided to go with one of earliest released of those tracks, and one that doubles as part of the soundtrack for Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse. I just couldn’t help but go for this one as I feel that Post Malone and Swae Lee compliment each-other so well vocally. The production also carries an immeasurable warmth with it. When it all comes together, this track is absolutely gorgeous.

24: Dream State — Twenty Letters

I have no doubt in my mind that Dream State’s first album had some fantastic teaser tracks, and while tracks like “Open Windows” and “Primrose” were certainly up for being placed on here, it was “Twenty Letters” that ended up being the song that stuck with me the most. I simply find it to be a really powerful and awesome single, with a marvellous mixture of softness and heaviness, with the vocals in particular using this to brilliant effect, and make a heart-tuggingly triumphant and beautiful track.

23: JPEGMAFIA — Jesus Forgive Me, I Am A Thot

On first listen, I actually didn’t find the first teaser for JPEGMAFIA’s newest album to really grip me as much as the following teaser “Beta Male Strategies”. However, despite not being the most surreal and out-there track on the album, “Jesus Forgive Me, I Am A Thot” eventually felt like the most well-crafted in my opinion. The echoing production, and JPEGMAFIA’s overly charismatic vocal delivery really give this track a brilliant presence. And for that, it ranks as my personal favourite from this new album.

22: Kanye West — Follow God

Simply put, this is the best I have heard Kanye West rap in quite some time. His bars and his flow just stitch themselves in so well to the production. It honestly feels aesthetically like something off of 2010's My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy at times, especially with the vocal effect going on, which feels pretty much identical to the type used on the track “Gorgeous”. Despite being a slightly short-lived tune with its short duration, it is instantaneously effective, and a clear highlight of Kanye’s long-awaited JESUS IS KING.


While I wound up not taking enough of a liking to Lingua Ignota’s album CALIGULA, there was one track on there that really stood out to me. Not only as the best track on the album, but also one of the most hauntingly beautiful songs of the year. that would be none other to that album’s very first track, “FAITHFUL SERVANT FRIEND OF CHRIST”. I find this track to be both one of the most ominous and one of the most gorgeous songs I have ever heard. The way the song progresses is also incredible, with the beginning of the song feeling like the start of an orchestral piece in a grand hall. Lingua Ignota’s vocal harmonies truly chill the spine, and so does the rest of this musical masterpiece.

20: The Weekend — Blinding Lights

This track, along with another teaser from pop/RnB sensation The Weekend really give us something to look forward to next year. But “Blinding Lights” especially shows an exciting new step in the evolution of his music. The fast-paced and upbeat rhythm along with the glorious synth melodies really add a level of superstardom to the music. But on top of this, it is one of the catchiest and most feel-good bops of the year.

19: Michael Kiwanuka — Hard to Say Goodbye

I find it hard to believe that I have only recently recognised the album KIWANUKA for what it truly deserves to be revered as. It is a serene project, and I feel that “Hard To Say Goodbye” is the most shining example of said serenity. I love how the melody of this track changes as often as it does with so much fluidity, and all of them perfectly compliment Kiwanuka’s soft yet powerful vocals. This song truly caresses the soul, and it is a great pick to represent how uplifting the album as a whole is.

18: Amyl and The Sniffers — Some Mutts (Can’t Be Muzzled)

I loved the self titled debut from Amyl and The Sniffers, and simply how raw and genuine their sound was. But the albums final number, “Some Mutts (Can’t Be Muzzled)”, goes beyond being a very traditional punk hit and is, on top of that, an unrelenting and explosive anthem. It carries with it so much attitude, that I honestly struggle to believe that I have heard any song as true to the punk attitude as this song, in many years.

17: Lil Nas X — Panini

While any version of the hit “Old Town Road” would be an obvious pick to represent Lil Was X, I feel that “Panini” is much more deserving. This track pretty much confirmed to me, and many other listeners, that Lil Nas X is far from a one-hit-wonder gimmick artist, but instead a legitimately talented and versatile musician. Of course “Panini” is a bit more conventional than “Old Town Road” when it comes to the state of hip-hop today, but I felt that it was far easier to take “Panini” seriously for this exact reason. I personally love the futuristic nature of this track much more highly over the whole country-rap schtick, and I’m sure that I will continue to love this absolute banger for a very long time.

16: Friendly Fires — Love Like Waves

While this teaser was released long before the full album, titled Inflorescent, “Love Like Waves” feels almost elite amongst all of the summer bangers this year. I mean, sure, this track was released in late 2018, but the fact that I discovered it when I did (in the height of summer) made the track all-the-more fitting at the time. The borderline mediterranean sound pretty much says it all, when it comes to just how much of a summer jam this song is. On a more personal level, this track feels synonymous with an awesome festival experience this year, which I feel only contributed further to just how fondly I think of this brilliantly fun track.

15: Tei Shi — Alone in the Universe

Given the impression I had from the teaser for this years La Linda, “Even If It Hurts”, I feel that what we got from “Alone In The Universe” was the absolute most we could ask of the artist at this moment in time. This song is near faultless, with its dreamy, 80’s inspired production, Tei Shi’s equally dreamy and smooth vocals, and the wondrous melody change towards the end of the track was everything I could’ve hoped for in truth. Despite me hearing of it so close to this years end, it didn’t fail to quickly climb up the ranks towards being one of my favourite 2019 songs.

14: Cage The Elephant — House Of Glass

I would’nt say that I was really expecting the newest Cage The Elephant album Social Cues to really blow me away, as the indie band have seemingly settled nicely into a signature formula. However, this track completely took me by surprise. “House Of Glass” is awesomely sinister and gritty in its sound. The growling bass, the consistent drum beat, and vocals that sound like they’re being spoken through clenched teeth, all equal a really badass sounding tune, and undoubtedly a highlight from the new album.

13: Flying Lotus — The Climb (feat. Thundercat)

As an album, Flying Lotus’ Flamagra really wasn’t all that great in my opinion, but what he did do well, was done exceptionally so. For example, I really like how in many cases, Flying Lotus had created beats that really compliment the styles of the artists featured on it, without just sounding like pure rip-offs of each artist’s aesthetic. My favourite case of this is “The Climb” which features the like of funk artist Thundercat. The serene and laid back instrumental compliments Thundercat’s vocals in such an unusual but also such an effective way. The finished result is a fabulous and heavenly sound, one that’s impossible not to enjoy.

12: Machine Gun Kelly — I Think I’m OKAY (feat. YUNGBLUD)

A big contributing factor as to why I love the closing track off of Machine Gun Kelly’s Hotel Diablo so much was indeed the Reading and Leeds live performance of this track (or more accurately, both of them). To elaborate on this, both Machine Gun Kelly and YUNGBLUD used this track on each of their own live sets, inviting the other on stage to help each other out with the song. I think it is more the excellent chemistry between the two artist involved more so than the lyrical content, but this song feels like a true symbol of great friendship, especially seen as I experienced both live versions with a friend of my own. I love the rock- inspired yet sunny and uplifting production that goes with this track too.

11: Blood Orange — Dark & Handsome (feat. Toro Y Moi)

The more I listened to Blood Orange’s “Dark & Handsome”, The more I came to realise just how unskippable the song was due to its sheer catchiness and shimmering atmosphere, along with how well Blood Orange and Toro Y Moi work together. It feels very synonymous with my summer just as well as the other tracks I’ve covered, and the sheer mastery of this track puts it up there with the very best of what Blood Orange’s 2018 masterpiece Negro Swan had to offer.

10: Slipknot — Solway Firth

I honestly thought that Slipknot’s first album in 5 years, We Are Not Your Kind, didn’t quite live up to being the Slipknot comeback that I was hoping for. But if there was one song that really reminded me of the glory days of Slipknot, it would undoubtedly be “Solway Firth”. I love the mood that the song sets with it’s very tense sounding introduction, which sounds like the beginning of a horror flick soundtrack. What follows is a burst of genuine Knot fury that was really a sound that I had missed dearly.

9: Liam Gallagher — One Of Us

Liam Gallagher’s second solo record managed to top his previous effort brilliantly (despite the fact that I love that album too). Why Me? Why Not. definitely carries a lot of Britpop mastery, and a fine example of this is “One Of Us”, my favourite teaser of the new album, and a truly regal track. The use of strings on “One Of Us” along with the consistent rhythm and solemn atmosphere add a tonne of gravitas to the track. In-fact, it feels very Stone Roses influenced with the instrumental blueprint. The professionalism of this song comes through faultlessly. I enjoyed every second of this awesome track.

8: Little Simz — Therapy

Little Simz’s GREY Area carries with it so many tracks that could’ve made it onto here. However, I feel that “Therapy” is the most synonymous with the albums incredibly gritty and raw aesthetic. The heavy, steady beat, along with the deep bass make for a killer production, and amplify the frustration felt in Simz’s vocal delivery. I absolutely loved the backing vocals of this track’s chorus as well, which make it feel like a chain gang anthem as well. But all-in-all, it is an incredibly connective and downright radical song.

7: slowthai — Doorman (feat. Mura Masa)

This song was pretty much responsible for introducing me to the genius of slowthai, and guided me towards his debut full-length album, Nothing Great About Britain. The idea of pairing the Dizee Rascall-like vocals of slowthai with a hyper-fast DnB type beat, courtesy of Mura Masa, seemed like something that might’ve not worked. But for whatever reason, it just feels so perfect. It effortlessly encapsulates the wild nature of slowthai, and on a greater scale, the even wilder nature of Great Britain itself.

6: Anderson .Paak — Come Home (feat. André 3000)

I was juggling both this track and “Reachin 2 Much” for a spot on this list, but then I remembered the sheer euphoria I felt upon listening to this track for the first time. A marvellous scenario was involved with the moment I first listened to “Come Home”, and that would be the very first day of the year where it truly felt like summer. Pair that warmth with the divine shimmer of this songs instrumental, .Paaks godly vocals, and Andre 3000’s nostalgic feature, and you have a song that will always have a vacancy free for it within my heart.

5: Beirut — Light In The Atoll

Beirut’s newest album Gallipoli was the first I had heard of the world-music group, which probably explains why they blew me away so much. I found the grandeur of the album spine-tinglingly great. But “Light In The Atoll” especially, is a truly royal song. The mixture of piano and trumpets remind me of being in the midst of a grand city, the overall glamour and triumphant nature of this symphony always puts my mind in an absolute daze. It is a stunningly gorgeous song.

4: Foals — Sunday

There were quite a few Foals tracks this year that I wanted to put up on here. However, “Sunday” feels more than deserving of being on this list. In my mind, it could just be the most epic sounding Foals song that I have heard in their entire discography. The way it begins with a slow and beautifully reflective first segment, transitioning into a joyful dance-like buildup, and finally bursting into a grand finale. This track feels like the musical equivalent to a fantastic firework display, and I find it just as enchanting as such.

3: Weyes Blood — Everyday

Quite arguably the most warming, uplifting, and upbeat track from the spellbinding Titanic Rising, Weyes Blood’s “Everyday” lifts my spirits effortlessly. As the most prevalent part of an album which feels so synonymous with my year as a whole, this track is more than deserving of taking this spot, despite the album having so many other marvellous tracks. But this song simply stands so far out from the rest by being one of the jolliest tunes I’ve listened to in a very long time, despite it’s bittersweet context. It definitely feels to me like one of the elite when it comes to memorable 2019 hits.

2: The Comet Is Coming — Blood Of The Past (feat. Kate Tempest)

It was an extremely close call between this track, and the godly “Timewave Zero”, but “Blood Of The Past” has risen to the top as my favourite tracks off of The Comet Is Coming’s second album, Trust In The Lifeforce Of The Deep Mystery. Never, for the life of me, would I have thought I would discover something that sounds like the electro-jazz equivalent to a Rage Against The Machine Instrumental, but “Blood Of The Past” is more than just that. Every section of this song is truly gripping and effortlessly captivating, with one of my favourite moments being Kate Tempest’s spoken word piece, which adds even more engagement to this highly exciting track. There is not a single shred of dullness to be found in “Blood Of The Past”, and every second is something to behold. This was incredibly close to being my number 1, but there was just one more song that crept past it.

1: Tyler, the Creator — A BOY IS A GUN*

Here we have it folks. My favourite track of 2019, is Tyler, the Creator’s “A BOY IS A GUN*”, after barely climbing past “Blood Of The Past” after I realised just how much of an essential part of 2019 this song felt. Tyler has really seemed to find his feet this year, and with it came an album with an incredible narrative behind it, titled IGOR. “A BOY IS A GUN*” feels like the turning point in the albums narrative, in which Tyler’s titular character on the album concludes his hopeless attraction towards the albums love interest, and begins to realise the danger of the situation, this apparently could be the reason behind Tyler decision to include a “*” in the songs tile; to highlight its significance. This supposed creativity behind the narrative of this song in particular really helped to make the concept of the whole album even more clear to the listener.

But all context and narrative creativity aside, it is simply a beautiful track, which I feel also connects the most with the 60’s aesthetic that Tyler was going for on this album. The production and sampling are absolutely gorgeous, and once again, felt extremely summer-like. But most importantly, this track feels like an incredibly essential part of my 2019 soundtrack. This absolute anthem may just be one of the finest songs that Tyler has ever put out, in my opinion, and speaks clear volumes as to how innovative, progressive, and creative this astounding artist really is.

I hoped you enjoyed finding out my picks for the top fifty tunes of 2019. If you would like to discover even more singles that I enjoyed, I have created a Spotify playlist of all of my favourite 2019 tracks, which you can find below.

Stay tuned to discover my favourite albums of 2019, as well as my favourite singles and albums of the 2010’s, all coming very soon.



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