Return deliveries will cost $550 billion by the end of 2020, which is 75.2% more than 4 years ago. How can retailers and brands minimize these numbers? 48% of respondents of a questionnaire for the Top Qualities Online Shoppers say that access to the detailed product information is extremely important to them. In fact, improved product information and its regular update on retail channels changes shopper’s decisions and makes them more certain about a purchase. Get your ebook.

What brands and retailers should know about ecommerce returns?

Product returns put financial stress on brands and retailers. The top reason for ecommerce returns hides in the quality of product content itself. Wrong product information, misleading visuals, inability to provide extensive product information, not specific or unclear product descriptions place a threat on a customer’s satisfaction.

In this ebook you gonna find:

  • Ecommerce products returns tendencies and statistics worldwide
  • Highlights by market industries (Fashion, Jewelry and Luxury, Groceries & Household, Electronic goods, and Health & Beauty Returns)
  • Reasons for product returns
  • How to reduce returns in e-commerce
  • Guidelines to product content upgrade
  • Checklist to enhance product content and draw returns to minimum
  • AI and Self-Service as a returns prevention method
  • How to deal with fraudulent returns

..and more.

Get your copy of ebook on product returns in e-commerce. It’s free:) No worries.



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