I don’t Google people

I don’t Google people I know. I generally won’t Google someone I have a meeting with either. I won’t ever Google someone I know in person or who I’ve connected with on a social network, especially people I read on @medium

I won’t read articles about them either in newspapers, magazines or websites unless they invite me to. Even then, I do it reluctantly. The person in the article is generally not the person I know and it feels weird.

My reasoning is pretty straightforward. People will usually tell me want they want me to know about them and when they feel I should know. I need to trust people I have a relationship with and don’t want to feel like I have to verify that trust.

People still want to tell their own story in the way they wish to tell it. I feel like poking around seeing them as a character in another narrative robs them of this choice.

But of course, I Google myself regularly. I’m not a complete idiot.