Stake Nuts: What The Pool?!?

Fair. Open source. Decentralized. These are the keywords when talking about Stake Nuts, currently one of the largest stakepools on the Shelley testnet, without taking IOHK in consideration of course.

Dec 25, 2019 · 4 min read
Stake Nuts stakenuts.com Cardano Gerolamo stakepool shelley what the pool staking marek
Stake Nuts stakenuts.com Cardano Gerolamo stakepool shelley what the pool staking marek

Stake Nuts is a stakepool based in the Czech Republic. Being on of the largest non-IOHK stakepools on the testnet, Stake Nuts has been able to quickly gain a lot of attention from the Cardano community.

Here is the interview with the founder of Stake Nuts.

Could you please introduce yourself?

My name is Marek and I have funded the StakeNuts staking pool, ticker NUTS.

How did you discover crypto?

Marek « Slush » Palatinus introduced me to Bitcoin in 2011. I remember buying my first BTC at around 1$. About a year later he teamed up with my friend Pavol « Stick » Rusnák and founded SatoshiLabs, the inventors of Trezor, the first and for me the only trustworthy hardware cryptocurrency wallet. I did keep an eye on the cryptocurrency industry but felt like it’s not for me, I really did not care about the dirt and constant trolling. After I discovered Cardano, it got my attention, which is why I am here today.

What brought you to Cardano?

The scientific approach behind the technology makes me believe this project has what it takes to become a solid protocol. It was also nice to see something serious in an otherwise pretty saturated industry.

What’s your vision about Cardano?

It shows a lot of potential for sure. As for what it will become, only time will tell. Ideally, one day it will become a standard for blockchain protocols. And maybe even a standard protocol for liquid democracy.

What value do you add to the Cardano ecosystem?

At first, proving a stable and fair decentralization. Over time, as we move to Voltaire, there are many ideas in the backlog. But that’s for the future :)

If you had to give two things you love about Cardano, what would they be?

Peer reviewed scientific approach and purely functional programming.

What hardware will you use to power your stakepool?

The relay nodes will be probably hosted by various cloud providers, but the staking pool nodes will be on different hardware setups. The exact specifications are unknown as many solutions are being tested by us as well as by the community.

Do you have experience working with server infrastructure in the past?

Yes, as it’s my daily job. For years I was leading a technical team that kept up and running one of the biggest PaaS clouds out there with few millions customers and hundreds of applications deployed each day. Nowadays, I’m helping to keep up a security sensitive infrastructure, which includes a cryptocurrency hosted wallet with backends serving thousands of customers daily.

Where is your infrastructure based?

Our stake pool nodes are hosted in Czech Republic with relay nodes distributed all across the world.

Do you have any idea about your stakepool fee?

The number will be around 5%.

Besides guaranteeing the uptime, what will the stakepool fees be used for?

If we break even on running a serious infrastructure, we will be happy. All additional funds will go to research.

What’s your long-term goal with StakeNuts?

We want to be a strong partner in the ecosystem. We are in for the long run and are really excited to see the Voltaire era as liquid democracy is our primary interest.

What’s the one thing which makes StakeNuts awesome?

We are eager to try the limits of the decentralization. You might have seen my videos about creating a testnet block on a train or on a plane. We have several projects in works, for example one of our testnet nodes is running in my forest cabin powered with solar panels. We would like to run our staking node in a different location and on a different hardware for each separate epoch. It’s still work in progress.

What are the three core values of StakeNuts?

As noted on our website, it’s fairness — we are not going to charge pool costs, but rather profit margin, to share the risk with our stakeholders; open source — standing on the shoulders of giants, we are keen to contribute to the Open Source ecosystem and decentralization, as described previously.

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Gerolamo is a research-driven blog made by, and for the Cardano community.


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Gerolamo is a research-driven blog made by, and for the Cardano community.

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