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What Do Tastemakers Listen To?

A curated playlist by Hans Ulrich Obrist, Mickalene Thomas, and other Tastemakers

The definition of a Tastemaker is “a person who decides or influences what is or will become fashionable.” In our latest release with Semaine, Jonny Mahon-Heap writes that this group “are the future of taste-those who have crowbarred into movements and stepped through them with us, those who have opened doors and left them for us to walk through, those who cross-pollinate crafts with joy and curiosity.” The discussion around these cultural leaders that go on to define public opinion is often in a future-orientated context, but what are the foundations that dictate taste?

Bringing together opinions, memories, and a cultural spread of recommendations, How to Be a Tastemaker is an enlightenment into the inner lives of trailblazers. The book is a confab of personal interviews with the likes of Lily Cole, Daniel Arsham, and Kengo Kuma-where each individual opens up about their professional route to recognition and reflect on landmark moments. Taking a very witty and playful approach to discussions, the Tastemakers ponder over books, places of inspiration, and quotes that have shaped their lives. Each icon was asked to name a song or album that is close to their hearts for the title. From Nas to Neil Young, and Tracy Chapman to The Rolling Stones, we have compiled a playlist with every song featured for you to enjoy.

Step inside the world of industry leaders through How to Be a Tastemaker. Head image by Dusan Szokolovics for How to Be a Tastemaker.

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