Introducing Bitlit

A Warm Introduction

I’m proud to announce that after several months of preparation, I’ve launched Bitlit, an apparel company for people in technology.

I founded Bitlit in response to my experiences growing up in technology. I’ve always found tech culture to be very unique: from putting everything on the blockchain to JavaScript-ifying everything computable, tech’s culture has always been pretty fascinating to me. Technology is always evolving, and it’s becoming an increasingly welcoming space. But, I’ve had trouble in the past with discovering clothing brands that can appeal to technology’s growingly diverse demographic.

From web developers to systems programmers and from crypto enthusiasts to design nerds and daily users of technology, everybody should have a brand that represents them regardless of their skills or appearance, and Bitlit is that brand. Bitlit’s mission is to change the world by giving all citizens an identity in our increasingly digital society through clothing.

If you’d like to be a part of our mission, check out our site at If you want to give us feedback, or if you have any comments for us email me at Feel free to follow us on Twitter (getabitlit) and Instagram (getabitlit), too!