Black Lives Don’t Matter

The knot in my stomach resurfaces as I watch the video of Philando Castile being shot multiple times. It is even more sickening as I relive the moment last week when the nation received the news that Officer Jeronimo Yanez would not be charged with second degree murder. Sadly this is a narrative that Black Americans experience all too often.

As the pattern continues, many debate how well Castile complied, rather if the officer was right or wrong, and the difficulty of distinguishing between an ID and a weapon.

I would like to draw attention to the one detail that sets Philando Castile apart from the other black lives that were senselessly taken; he actually possessed a gun. Yes, Philando Castile possessed a legal document stating he was licensed to carry a weapon.

The NRA- National Rifle Association, is widely recognized today as a major political force and as America’s foremost defender of second amendment rights. Note: the second amendment is an individuals right to bear arms.

The NRA perpetually criticized President Obama concerning gun control stating that “He doesn’t support the individual right to own a firearm” and that he will have America believe that “in order to love your children, you have to hate your firearm”.

It would be logical to think that Philando Castile, a licensed gun owner, would have to up-most support from the NRA considering his right to carry a weapon was violated when he was murdered by Officer Jeronimo Yanez for having the gun in his possession. However, shockingly, the NRA was and has remained silent.

The NRA was displeased when President Obama wanted to revise gun control after Adam Lanza fatally injured and killed students and teachers. Dylan Roof had the right to bear arms as he murdered 9 people in Charleston. Why did Philando Castile’s right to bear arms land him dead and why isn’t anyone outraged by this?

The answer? Simple: Black Lives Don’t Matter.

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Tabitha T.