Donald Trump: You Failed America!

Following the horrific weekend, Charlottesville encountered, I am sick. It is very clear that white supremacists organized and displayed copious amounts of racism during the weekend’s events. From racial slurs and chants to beating people with sticks, and the numbing video of a car plowing into the protesters who challenged their racist counterparts; the nation was distressed. Through all the chaos it was only natural for the American people to look to their leader of the country for a reassuring peace and sense of calm. Here is what Trump had to say:

There was immediate outrage expressed on social media and “fake news” concerning the issue that Donald Trump did not explicitly condemn “white supremacist” and then went on to state there was “violence on many sides”. It’s shameful that it took Donnie’s twitter hate mail to blow up for the President to realize he needed a “do over”. Here is his speech take 2:

On August 14th, just 2 days following the white supremacist’s reign of terror, Donald Trump begins his speech talking about the ECONOMY! The economy in which he has not created a single policy to improve. Donald J. Trump raved on about how successful America is 2 days after 3 lives were taken and many were injured during a white supremacist terror attack!?
His speech continues to repeat what he stated on Saturday then a revision occurs when he states, “Racism is evil, and those who cause violence in its name are criminals and thugs: including the KKK, Neo-nazis, white supremacists, and other hate groups…”

After watching the speech I have several questions: Who is Donald Trump’s speech writer, and why hasn’t the individual been fired yet? Did his writer earn a degree in English literature? Did they take a single journalism course? Do they understand diction, rhetoric, connotation? If they do, why are they setting the president up to fail?
The president literally had two chances in which his speech should have modeled:

“I acknowledge my faults in not previously stating an explicit disproval of white supremacy. I take full responsibility for my words as president and will work to improve my rhetoric so it is perfectly clear that I do not encourage racist acts. I denounce David Duke and his organization of the horrific Charlottesville protest. Freedom of speech is an amendment we value and protect as Americans, however, violence is never acceptable. Citizens are tweeting me faces of the individuals who participated in the violence, and I give you my word that the DOJ will prosecute them as criminals and terrorist. America is the melting pot of all races, cultures, genders, and ages, and we will conduct ourselves by modeling love, support, and unity. Hate has no place here, racists have no place here, and to the people participating in the Charlottesville terror attack: you have no place here until you change your hearts and adapt to the true American lifestyle.

Instead, he used the words “criminals and thugs”. The word “thug” was so heavily attached as a “passive racist” way of identifying African Americans. Why on earth did Donald Trump use that word to identify white supremacist who beat an African American man with with poles and wooden sticks? Donald Trump often called Hispanic immigrants criminals and murders instead of blaming the companies who hire them. Why on earth did Donald Trump use that word to identify white supremacist who plowed a car into the opposing protest?

Donald Trump’s words are so important because the Charlottesville weekend from hell is not a civil display of opposing politics. This nation has moved away from discussing tax brackets, reformation of healthcare, and funding of schools.WE ARE NOW DISCUSSING DISCREPANCIES OF WHAT LIES IN OUR HEARTS! Donald Trump and his administration developed and advertised a narrative responsible for the exposure of hate. He has banned Muslims, discriminated against transgenders, denounced women’s rights while sexualizing our bodies, encouraged police brutality, blamed others for his failures, instigated war, and today he failed to accurately denounce the demonstration of violence driven by the hatred of other races.


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