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5 Ways to Get Smart with Digital!

Okay, homebuilder friends, real talk.

We know things are getting a little crazy in the world right now. Everyone is hunkering in and staying close to home, so what does that mean for YOU? How do you keep your followers and prospective homebuyers excited about your neighborhoods and communities, when most people are going to be “social distancing” or “sheltering in place” for the next couple weeks (maybe longer?).

As we try to adjust to all of the change and uncertainty, we would like to offer a little advice, as well as some peace of mind. The beauty and blessing of our ever-evolving digital marketing company is that we are just that, digital. With the wave of our Magic Mouses (thanks, Apple), and successful social media strategies, we have the knowledge and power to keep your social presence going strong.

Here are 5 ways you can get smart with digital marketing:

Live Streaming. In the event that your events get canceled or postponed, bring the celebration to all of your home shoppers. Hop on Facebook Live or Instagram Live and live stream a model tour or a community tour. Your audience can get a glimpse of what your product is all about, and get them even more excited to come by and see it in person. If you want us to take over the live streaming, we can do that too!

Virtual Tours. If foot traffic is a little light in your model homes, let’s go virtual! Posting and boosting virtual tours via social media, emails, blogs, etc., will be an important part of our content strategy during this time, so that buyers can still imagine themselves living in your beautiful homes from the comfort of their own living rooms.

Email Marketing / Blogs. Speaking of blogs and emails, what better way to keep people updated on what’s going on in the neighborhood than by pinging them with some quality, long-form content? It’s important to keep churning out blogs and newsletters, even if that means catering the content to stay relevant with the times. For example, a lifestyle blog topic could be something like, “Taking an extended spring break? Here are some stimulating activities your kids can do indoors.”

Text Message Marketing. With smartphones practically in every hand, you can easily send a little reminder to your opt-ins that “We’re still here, and we still want to help you find your dream home.” Keep the momentum going by scheduling out a great drip campaign. Yes…we do this too! Click here to learn more about GC Text.

Social Media. This is a pretty obvious one, but never underestimate the power of a fun Instagram Story, or a Facebook post with a really killer pic. Not to sound like a broken record, broken record, but continuing to churn out social posts and throwing in some content to stay relevant in the times will definitely keep your brand awareness up and the buzz a buzzin’.

In the spirit of community, we hope these little nuggets will keep yours feeling a little more at ease. ♥ From your friends at Get Community, we wish you all nothing but love, light, and positive vibes!

Lindsay Gerner is a Senior Digital Copywriter at Get Community. She studied Creative Writing at Concordia University, Irvine and got her MFA from Pepperdine University.

Originally published at http://getcommunity.com.




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