What is a good life?

…In other words, what’s the goal?

What is the experience we seek? What dictates a good life? Who is the definer; the judge of what a good life is? Where does it come from?

I hear it comes from our consciousness. Our mind. Our psyche. Our conditioned humanity; but that isn’t the answer. It can’t be.

The definition of a good life isn’t taught. It isn’t conditioned. It isn’t learned. We all know what it is from birth. It’s ingrained in our DNA. It’s a feeling that, when we have it, awakens the truth; it convinces us without a shadow of doubt that this is the good life.

If we take a look around, and distill the goal of everything down to one definable term…it’s freedom.

A good life is freedom.

In one way or another, freedom is always the goal. It’s just a matter of the path one chooses (which is determined by the chaos one’s chaos has created).

Is it entrepreneurship? Is it spirituality? Is it health and fitness? Is it money? Is it professional success? Is it creative expression? What is the path to freedom in your life?

If we take a deep look at these things, and feel what we think the end goal feels like…we realize it’s freedom that we’re after. Freedom from financial boundaries, time boundaries, physical boundaries, or spiritual boundaries.

If freedom is what we’re seeking, aren’t we then being oppressed by something? If we weren’t being oppressed by something, then why would we be seeking freedom. If no opression existed then we would already be free, and therefore, seeking nothing. But instead, we’re seeking freedom. So oppression must exist.

It makes sense then, that if we want to experience true freedom, we must first understand the forces of oppression. Only then are we in a position to…ehhemm…Get Elevation above the true oppression that keeps us from living a good life.

So, what are our limitations? What keeps us bound to a job we hate, a relationship we’re unhappy in, a body that disgusts us? These are the true obstacles to a good life; because we know what we have to do. The what is the easy part. It’s the invisible barricades, which most people never see, that keep us trapped.

Not us, though. We’re going to have a look.

It feels fitting to open this publication, Get Elevation, with a series of conversations around the true obstacles that keep us from living a good life; now that we know what a good life is.

Talk soon,

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