Introducing Finta. The beautifully designed App where football meets social ⚽️

André Oliveira
May 1, 2016 · 3 min read

To you, reading this: I’d bet there are 90% of chances you are a sports fan. It might not be football (soccer, American friends!), but something else might be.

After all, sports play a big part of our lives.

Today, we’re introducing Finta. The new stage for fans, players and teams. We’re kicking-off with football, but our vision goes way beyond that.

With our Feed, you’ll always feel part of the game. Launching initially on iOS.

The need for it

Along with almost all my friends, I’ve been a football fan all my life. Personally, I enjoy seeing not only the matches and highlights of my team, but also of other teams all around the world. More than that, I like to speak about football…but only with people alike.

The problem that I faced myself with was…where can I see, interact and speak about football in a contextualized manner, among other fans like me? There’s no place for that!

Facebook and Twitter are both great, but they are generic tools. The most used Apps on this space were and still are simply one-way information: it’s data filled inside a mobile viewport. No social interaction whatsoever, which is a huge contradiction, since football and sports in general, are all about interaction!

Finta was born to address this problem.

Activity Feed: where you get action from Fans and Players

What Finta brings to the table

Sports are, for centuries now, one of the most powerful social interactions in the world. How is it possible not to exist a big social network thought for that?

Until now, no one has been able to truly bring fans passion, emotions and unforgettable moments related to football from the real to the digital world — and mark that moments forever.

Even the biggest social network on earth already felt this need and is trying to catch the opportunity. Also, they are even constantly encouraging users to post things related with sports. Here’s one example of it, and here’s one other.

Finta is the new place for fans, players and teams.

Matches Feed: where you get to be on top of the Matches happening

Fans will finally be able to express their feelings and thoughts without constrains — yeah, who was never unfollowed by someone by speaking about football on Facebook or Twitter? — and, more importantly, feel part of the game!

Players and Teams finally get a contextualized place to share their most important achievements with their fan-base.

As a user, you’re able to follow fans, players and teams, and get real time action on your Feed. You’re able to Discover the hottest matches happening soon, new players, new teams. More: you’re able to engage with every play (Goal, penalty, red card…) and react to what’s happening.

All of this, having a sharp and well thought experience, with a slick design created in detail from the first, to the last pixel.

Interact with every play! Rate goals, Evaluate decisions and so much more!

When & how it will be available?

For now, the App will be only available for iOS. We’re launching our new and updated website Today, where you can check a sneak-peak of the features.

Also, we’re now launching an Alpha version of the App, limited to 200 users. These pre-Beta testers will and are being selected from our friends — the ones that like football, of course.

By June, just on time for the European Cup, we’ll launch our App publicly in Portugal.

In the meantime, through our website you can sign up to our worldwide private Beta, that will happen in the Summer/Fall.

So, take a look at our our website, warm up and be ready!

Follow Finta on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. ⚽️

Ah, and if you want, follow me on Twitter for…stuff. 😄

Get Finta

The beautifully designed App where Football meets social.

André Oliveira

Written by

Entrepreneur. Designer. Thinker. Doer. Founder & CEO of Pixelmatters

Get Finta

Get Finta

The beautifully designed App where Football meets social.

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