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Giraffe & our new product release

Giraffe is a platform that centralizes the content your team relies on. Giraffe transforms how teams organize and find helpful content and docs from across any app. Use Giraffe on your next project, sales proposal, or internal initiative to ensure everyone can find what they need, when they need it.

We’re really excited about this one! After months of iterating, designing, and building, the team is eager and excited to announce that as of today, Giraffe has launched for early users on our waitlist.

Giraffe now lets you and your team centrally organize and find documents, helpful articles, project trackers, and more from across any app and across the web.

How did we get here?

If you work on a team, you’re expected to know all the ins and outs of what you and your team members are working on, consistently balancing new information and updates with the need to recall past information quickly. Oftentimes, familiarity with certain processes and helpful documents are scattered across emails, Google Drive, spreadsheets, and Slack messages. Keeping track of everything and where it all lives, takes time, a lot of time. According to research conducted by McKinsey, employees spend 9.3 hours every week looking for information to do their jobs!

To work most effectively, teams need the ability to quickly locate and re-discover the information they need in order to get back to what they do best, driving towards the objective at hand. When this information is well organized and in one location, all you need to do is run a quick search and you’re off to the races. But when that information is spread across multiple systems, it’s a cobweb maze of fragmented, often stale results.

Giraffe helps solve this problem by centralizing everything for you and your team across all the systems you currently use. Whenever you have that important spreadsheet or project plan, let GiraffeBot (our AI assistant) remember it for you so that moving forward you can search in one place, and get back to work.

And Giraffe doesn’t just stop with content! Combining content with our existing app now provides a unique platform for teams to gain visibility into what each team member knows and where to find helpful content.

When we think about the types of information Giraffe stores, we break it up into 2 primary buckets:

1) Information with a URL. Example: a helpful tracking spreadsheet, a data mapping key, a sales opportunity, a process checklist.

2) Information that is offline and tied to a person. Example: familiarity with a specific technology or time spent managing a process.

Giraffe makes information across these two buckets accessible, giving your team full visibility into one another’s content & knowledge.

Here’s how it works

Teams use Giraffe to curate Content (bucket 1). GiraffeBot processes every URL that is submitted and uses AI to apply some suggested Tags to ensure you and your team can find this piece of content later on. Think of Tags as descriptors of that piece of Content i.e. keywords to help you search for this information at a later point.

To get started, users join a Giraffe workspace, and create a profile where they add Content, making this info accessible for any and all team members in their workspace. Users can use our bookmark extension to make this process super quick and easy. Content always ties back to individual user profiles to denote familiarity with a particular doc/article/report (bucket 2).

No more digging up old emails, trying to search in 5 different systems for the piece of know-how you need, Giraffe centralizes the important stuff so you and your team can access relevant information in one cohesive view.

Making content & know-how more accessible

Over the last year, dozens of companies have leveraged Giraffe to make it easier for distributed teams and new hires to find answers across their companies by connecting people via Slack whenever a search is initiated. While Giraffe’s knowledge and people search capabilities work great for these larger companies, we needed to do something different for smaller teams.

When building any community, it’s hard to get users to show up and contribute in a new environment. The community is only as strong as the content within. You need a lot of users and a lot of content to draw from at the right time, otherwise, team members are left searching for answers with the potential for no-response. Drawing from our own experience, participating in hundreds of public and private communities, we built out the ability to add content because it helps YOU. You can see the value right away by adding content and resources from across any app to make sense of your own work. The value scales the more team members you bring in overtime, allowing GiraffeBot to learn alongside your team and connect you with relevant team members via Slack if there isn’t a piece of content suited for your needs. Housing all of your important docs & information in one central location means Giraffe works for any team or individual.

With our early adopters, we’ve seen teams as small as five and as large as 500 adopt Giraffe. Gabriel Ginorio, Learning & Development Lead at Thrasio summed it up pretty well: “It just makes sense. My company like many others has been working remotely since the start of the pandemic and in any typical week, there are questions that pop up where I’ll need to ask one of my colleagues. Pre-Giraffe this was a pain… but now with Giraffe I can track down help and answers in seconds.” We’ve seen similar results at some of our other pilot customers, but also we’ve seen it help us internally through our own usage of the tool.

With a central view of your team's most helpful content and information, think of all the time you can save tracking down your team’s know-how! Not to mention, 6 months down the road when you want to reuse content and assets from past activities and projects, Giraffe makes it super easy to locate and track down whatever it is you are searching for. For anything logistical, it makes the transitioning and transferring of this information super easy.

Get started

Giraffe is available for you and your team — It’s free to get started for you and up to 10 users. All you need to get started is a shared frustration in tracking down helpful information from across the apps used by you and your team!

To check out Giraffe, join our waitlist here! app.getgiraffe.io/waitlist

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❤ The Giraffe Team