Nutrition: The Next Frontier in Corporate Wellness

Don’t offer nutrition counseling to your employees? Now is the time to join the thousands of corporate wellness programs nationwide who have incorporated nutrition counseling services in the workplace. Here’s why. According to a study published by RAND corporation, a $1 investment in wellness yields a return on investment of $1.50. Bring nutrition into the equation and the impact grows — every $1 spent on nutrition counseling with a Registered Dietitian saves a notable $4.

Corporate wellness programs were once portrayed as a hip benefit companies could boast about, but it is now regarded as a fundamental necessity. Today, 70% of U.S. employers offer wellness programs. Incorporating nutritional care into such offerings is a vital step to scale up benefits and increase productivity across the companies. While employees enjoy the nutritional care services right in their office, employers (and the company) reap the benefits. The original benefits of corporate wellness e.g. increased productivity, reduced stress, fewer sick days, accountability resources, and improved overall health are fostered when nutritional care is offered.

Healthie powers corporate wellness programs nationwide with an innovative platform that makes it seamless for nutrition experts to communicate with thousands of employees. Through leveraging telehealth features, Healthie offers prime piurre-based logging tools, shared documents, complete charting, and simple intake forms — a coordinated and simplistic way to bring integrate nutrition services into corporate wellness programs and effectively work with thousands of employees across an organization.

Caroline Susie RD at Methodist Health System has found that corporate wellness is a crucial way to prevent disease. She remarks, “I truly appreciate corporate wellness, because it gives dietitians a platform to promote preventive healthcare before chronic diseases develop. For example, I have seen among my clients, how annual biometric screenings prevented more than 10 critical health incidents; this was all because an employer saw the value in offering this sort of benefit — how cool is that? Employers are increasingly seeing the benefits of corporate wellness as a means to keep their employees healthier, happier, and more productive, and I can’t wait to see this facet of the healthcare system continue to grow.”

Fresh Direct, with around 3000 employees headquartered in New York leverages Healthie to bring nutrition (and telenutrition) into their corporate wellness offerings. For example, Fresh direct employees are now able to attain individual one on one nutrition counseling. Alicia Blittner, a dietitian at Fresh Direct, says “incorporating nutrition wellness programs into an already wellness-minded culture has been great. Since I am on-site, I am taking a holistic approach by trying to work on various aspects of the environment and food offerings in addition to having meditation, health education classes, and individual one on one nutrition counseling.”

A report by The Workplace Wellness Alliance states that the next step for corporate wellness is to incorporate technology to “extend the reach” of programs; something Healthie couldn’t agree with more. Healthie’s partner, Kelly’s Choice, a nutritional company, offers state-of-the-art programs designed specifically to improve corporate wellness through virtual nutrition counseling. Healthie has worked with Kelly’s Choice to scaled up their holistic programs (e.g. nutrition counseling), through supporting an online nutrition education series and virtual registered dietitian visits; the company now offers workplace wellness services to large corporations nationwide, from Wells Fargo to Verizon to Blue Cross Blue Shield.

The evidence is clear and the resources are clear: the all-encompassing benefits of bringing nutrition right to your employees highlights a growing need for corporate wellness programs to introduce nutrition services. Healthie’s platform, which is designed to offer 24/7, accessible, and expert nutrition care to all employees, is a prime system to augment these benefits and bring social and financial returns to light.

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