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Green Wonders

An ekphrastic poem based on the painting, “The Japanese Footbridge” by Claude Monet

Claude Monet, The Japanese FootBridge, 1899

The rounded lily pads, exploring
through the streams of liquid,
infested with infamous hues, lonely
walks make me wish the
easement of your hands, your arms
fulfill my body, satisfying my
sense of touch —

all of the green
is a sight to see, scattered
everywhere, if you were right
next to me, the admirations would
be congruent —

two masterpieces in front of
the hurt, broken eyes…seeing
all of this, telling me how the
world could still be wicked —

but wickedly beautiful.

Denise Kollock is a recent university graduate who loves to write poetry and fiction. She has self-published three poetry books that are on Amazon.




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Denise Kollock

Denise Kollock

Recent university graduate who enjoys writing poetry and fiction. Author of three books.

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