Sparkles and Lace

A Poem

Lora K Lucente
Dec 9, 2019 · 1 min read
Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

Eyes waking, frosty dreams dancing alive,

Silence speaking loudest, breathing blue sighs.

Wishes from youth, white lace, sparkling and fair,

Covering old hopes, heart pulling despair.

I hear a voice; singing, haunting — it’s mine,

Steps taken softly, gently, undefined.

Drawing new meanings from visions, quite rare,

Coddling this magic, my life in its care.

Drifting white road highlights a yearning line,

Illuminates the path; truth always shines.

Slippery glaze is most wanting to steer,

Me away to the ground, my ankles bare.

Sweeping ice aside so it cannot see,

Sparkles and lace will not hide me from me.

© 2019 Lora Lucente. All Rights Reserved.

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Lora K Lucente

Written by

Curated poet & writer. Daydream-believer, social introvert. 💜POMpoet💜 Lover of music, dogs & nature. Instagram @ambientwriting

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