Lying on your resume will get you the job!

Adeife Adeoye
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2 min readApr 18, 2022


In February, I decided to transition into working full-time from freelancing.

In one of my previous editions, I talked about why you shouldn’t become a freelance content writer. You can check it out here.

It took me a month to work on my resume and get my portfolio so I could stand a good chance of getting a job. I started applying for jobs in March. I applied for over 150 jobs, and I got only three interviews and one offer.

Yes, three!

One of the primary reasons I wasn’t getting interviews was my location. I was in Nigeria, and most of the recruiters got back to me saying, “oh, we are sorry, we only want people based in the US.”

I remember applying for a job, I got called for an interview, and 5 minutes into the meeting, the recruiter reached out to me and said, “oh, sorry, we only want candidates in the US.”

I was devastated and angry. I thought to myself a few times, “What if I changed my location to the US?”

Guess what? If I had changed my location to the US, I’d have gotten over 20 interviews and maybe 5–10 offers.

Crazy, right?

But I didn’t do that.

Because the goal isn’t getting a job; the goal is keeping the job!

If I had lied, I’d probably have gotten 2–3 remote jobs, but what if they want me to come to the office? What excuse would I give?

Lying on your resume might get you the job, but you’d get fired in the end. So what’s your gain?

Instead of lying on your resume, focus on polishing your skills and NETWORKING.

If you knew the power of networking, you wouldn’t lack jobs.

A friend of mine, Ajayi Joel, is a badass in networking. He got his first job from networking, and he wasn’t even qualified. Follow him to learn how to network and get your first job.

Till next week, bye ✌️

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