Monday Musings: Our Time is Now

I miss Marco Rubio.

I know, I know… It’s been almost a year since he dropped out of the Republican Primary, but the moment he dropped out of the race was the moment I and many Republicans like me had to finally stomach the thought of “The Donald.” For so many months, we attempted to block his path to the nomination, tried to force a “brokered convention,” but to no avail. The Trump Train came rolling through and cut down everything and everyone in its path. None of us saw it coming.

Fast forward to 11:59am on January 20th, 2017. The hostile takeover of the Republic was almost complete, and Nick and I were there to witness it firsthand.

A sea of red ‘Make America Great Again’ hats. Cheers of “Trump! Trump! Trump! Trump!” The president-elect put his left hand on the Lincoln and his family bible, raised his right hand to God, and swore the Presidential Oath.

In the following moment, the sense of change was palpable. The mantle of leadership was transferred right before our eyes. I felt proud to be an American, to be able to witness the peaceful, constitutional transfer of power right before my eyes. However, many Americans were scared, and it was up to the new president to assuage their fears.

Did he deliver? Only time will tell. His inaugural address painted a bleak picture of a divided nation. A nation that does not, at the moment want to come together after a heated election on par with that of the 1826 election between Quincy Adams and Jackson. Yet, that is precisely what we must do. As our 16th president, Abraham Lincoln said, “A house divided against itself cannot stand.” In order for our nation to survive, we must reconcile our differences.

However, that does not mean we should not hold our elected officials accountable, as that is a cornerstone of our American democracy. In fact, ‘Get Political’ was borne out of that very ideal.

Nick and I disagree on more issues than I can count. However, we have the uncanny ability to disagree without being disagreeable. ‘Get Political will serve as a vehicle for civil discourse in an age where the very notion seems to be extinct. If two college kids can have political discussions without going below the belt, maybe our next-door neighbors on Beacon Hill can too.

Now more than ever, we need “thoughtful, committed citizens,” as Margaret Mead said, to press on, carrying forth the torch of liberty in the face of those who threaten to extinguish its mighty flame.

Maybe we can’t have Marco Rubio leading us towards a “New American Century,” but if we remain a ‘house united,’ or at least a house that stops yelling so much, there’s nothing we can’t do. Our time is now.

Matt ‘OB’ O’Brien

Co-host, Get Political

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