Monday Musings: Let’s Get To Work

This whole thing started on November 8th.

OB and I were darting around campus, fixated on either our phones or the monitors in the lobbies of our dorm buildings. It was just past 9 PM.

“We already know who’s gonna take it,” he said.

“I think we have for months,” I replied.

At 2:30 AM, our phones told us otherwise.

It’s no secret that OB and I diverge politically. On the issues where we disagree, he goes right, I go left. But our friendship (and political relationship) works as a check on our own beliefs.

In short, we keep each other politically sound.

There’s no real secret to being friends with someone you disagree with politically. Frankly, I’d say that if you can’t maintain a friendship after a really, really ugly election, the friendship never should have happened. Do with that what you will.

Get Political is as much a roadmap to how these kinds of political friendships (and personal friendships) work in such a tense political climate as it is a political talk show. Yes, we’re on air to talk about very serious issues which will have a very significant (and sometimes negative) impact on all of our lives over the next few years. But it’s important to remind yourself (as I have had to recently) that if there’s anything we need more of right now, it’s humor and love. That’s not to say there won’t be some gloves-off moments on the show. Anyone who’s worked in political punditry knows how that works. But the main message I’m trying to convey (and, I believe, OB is too) is that, as President Obama said under the glow of the midday sun on November 9th, we’re still here.

As self-serving policy decisions and a flagrant disregard for common sense and decency continue to turn D.C. from a swamp into an acid bath, we’re here to try and right the ship in any way we can, even in our little spheres of influence. America needs fighters. She just enlisted two more.

Nick Viveiros

Co-host, Get Political

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