An updated list of artists + event organizers who have used GET Protocol over the years

Below is an ongoing list in random order of artists and event organizers (EO’s) who have used GUTS Tickets to sell GET Protocol-powered digital tickets since the founding of GUTS in 2016.

Olivier Biggs
Sep 30 · 5 min read
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Over 500,000 people have interacted with GET Protocol, mostly unknowingly.

Many of these artists or EO’s have done multiple events with GUTS. Some, like Jochem Myjer have sold tens of thousands of tickets over many dozens of shows.

This is not the complete list. Some EO’s choose for their events not to be shared publicly, so they have been left out.

→ GUTS is just one of several users of GET Protocol. Since it is its longest user, the current list of users is longest. GET is currently active in four different countries. All with their own teams, working on expanding their foothold and applying their custom approach to the respective markets they operate in.

List of artists/event organizers, in random order:

  • Michelle David & The Gospel Sessions
  • David Benjamin
  • De Formule 1 show
  • Anna Rune
  • Gratis Crypto Startup Cursus
  • Jochem Myjer
  • TopQuants presents — Blockchain and cryptocurrencies in finance
  • Blockchain Innovation Week
  • Youp van ‘t Hek
  • ZAZ
  • GET Community Meet Up
  • Rally Tour Amsterdam 2018
  • Introduction to blockchain and crypto trading
  • Johan
  • Boek lancering Bitcoin Family
  • Orgel Vreten
  • Brigitte Kaandorp
  • The Very Blockchain Meetup
  • Dead Can Dance
  • No Man’s Land
  • GUTS open office during ADE
  • The roast of Stephen Hogging
  • The Hague University
  • Factor50
  • Kensington
  • The Grand East
  • Patrick Laureij
  • Productiviteitscursus
  • Yorick van Norden
  • Get in the Ring
  • Structuurjunkie Masterclass
  • Henry van Loon
  • Man Man Man de Podcast
  • Yokoso Dutch Open
  • The Grand East
  • De Staat
  • Weeshuys x Cynthia & wijn
  • Wijnspijs avond
  • Ronde Tafel 109
  • Blockchain disrupting FinTech // Dutch Blockchain Week
  • Audio Obscura x Spectrum at Muziekgebouw aan ’t IJ
  • GET Community Meetup
  • #2Sudbeat X The Soundgarden
  • Gouden Freelancer
  • Audio Obscura x Motor City Drum Ensemble at Central Station
  • Audio Obscura ADE
  • DAYS like NIGHTS + Lost & Found
  • Military Amsterdam
  • Todd Terry & Friends ADE special 2019
  • No Man’s Land Muziekconferentie
  • Future of Creative Business Conference 2019
  • Les Robots
  • Seanaps Festival
  • The Media Nanny
  • Audio Obscura x Denis Sulta + Special Guest at The Loft
  • Audio Obscura x HAAi b2b Daniel Avery at The Loft
  • Confession After Party presented by Tchami & WAVES
  • 임동민 피아노 리사이틀오픈테스트연세대학교 개강파티연세대학교 연주회
  • Comedytrain
  • Guus Meeuwis — Groots met een zachte G Stadium Concert
  • World Consciousness Forum
  • Ronald Goedemondt
  • Comedytrain International
  • 8-Hour Purpose Track
  • Peter Pannekoek
  • Networking with Wine
  • The Jeroen Leenders Experience
  • Echt Gebeurd Storyslam
  • De Eeuw van de Amateur LIVE
  • Oerrock Festival
  • Drinks Amsterdam
  • Resonance
  • BLØF
  • Zweef & Rave
  • Open Tuinen Dagen
  • Chef’Special
  • Pilot Colliers Amsterdam
  • Future Beach
  • Toomler
  • Museum Belvédère
  • Museum Haarlem
  • Museum ‘t Oude Slot
  • Dennis van Aarssen: That’s Live! The Livestream Concert
  • Botanische Tuin TU Delft
  • Zoutmuseum Delden
  • Klompen- en Zompenmuseum
  • Vleeshal Middelburg
  • A La Plancha
  • Speelgoedmuseum Kinderwereld
  • REMY. Home Session
  • Racoon
  • Covid-A-Tori
  • Jeangu Macrooy
  • Kamp Nasi
  • Roué Verveer
  • Amber Run Unplugged
  • Jasper van der Veen
  • Theo Maassen
  • GLUE
  • Jett Rebel & Kamerata Zuid
  • Samen de zomer in
  • Hall
  • Woodkid
  • Its complicated
  • Big Gay Comedy Partaaaaay
  • Zwoele zomeravond met ijskoud cocktails!
  • Johnny’s club live
  • Comedy Embassy English stand up
  • Soave Versus
  • Comedy café live in Panama
  • Paúw party
  • Leuk en Aardig met Kahlmann
  • Tim Fransen
  • Suzan En Freek
  • Nederlandse online pubquiz
  • It Went Dark
  • Prova
  • Kim Schuddeboom en Rayen Panday
  • Masters of Comedy
  • Comedy Embassy
  • Dan Croll Live From Spacebomb Studios
  • International Pub Quiz
  • ILFU Book Talk: Isabel Allende
  • Jerk Chicken BBQ BATTLE
  • One night with Joël Borelli
  • Shell We Dance
  • Mart Hoogkamer

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