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GET Protocol Community Resources: FAQ & Media Kit

We’re happy to introduce our new FAQ which can be used by the community to answer any questions that may pop up regarding the project. Whether you’re after an answer to your own question, or want to help a community member with any questions they may have, the FAQ will come in handy!

You can access the FAQ via the link below or visit:

The FAQ is split into several sections:

  • Popular Questions
  • General FAQ
  • The GET Token FAQ
  • Implementing The Protocol For Ticketing FAQ
  • The GET Buyback FAQ
  • getNFT FAQ

If you’re looking to reference a specific question and answer, then use the anchor icon next to the question title which will allow you to copy and paste the URL.

Don’t see your question or perhaps have an answer that we haven’t covered in the FAQ? Feel free to submit your question/answer to us via this Google Form:

We’re also launching our media kit which provides a comprehensive overlook of GET Protocol and acts as a gateway for further resources and media assets that anyone interested in the project may need.

The media kit and media assets can be accessed via this Google Drive Link.

We want to involve the community as much as possible and give the tools necessary to distribute information about GET Protocol, we hope having access to the media kit will come in handy for achieving this goal!

Over time we will continue to add new assets and provide updates to the kit to ensure the document stays relevant and useful for all who may need it.

A Fresh Coat Of Paint

You may also notice that our Telegram logos have been given a new look! This change brings our Telegram communities in line with GET Protocol branding whilst helping to better differentiate each channel.

More about GET Protocol

As always, if you have comments, questions or suggestions, please drop in to our active Telegram channel, and be sure to follow us on Twitter.

How to help out
If you are a fan of our system and want to help out, you can do so by leaving a review about GET Protocol user GUTS on Google, the iOS app store or Google Play store.

Where to buy GET
Want to get your hands on some GET tokens? Here’s an easy guide.

A blockchain-based honest ticketing solution for all.

Our Korean Telegram channel can be found here, and our Naver page is here.

Learn more
If you want to know more about what we do, visit our website, or join the discussion on the GET Protocol Reddit.

GET Protocol updates and announcements

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