How and where to buy the GET utility token — An updated list

Olivier Biggs
Oct 15, 2018 · 5 min read

(NOTE: If you prefer a Dutch version of this article, you can find it here.)

GET is an ERC20 token exchanged on the Ethereum blockchain. If you want to be part of the movement to make event ticketing transparent and fair, you can be! The GET is a utility token that performs a certain function in the GET Protocol. Read more about the role of the GET in the protocol and on the details of why it is needed in our whitepaper.

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If you want to own GET you will have to acquire it on an (crypto) exchange. If you have never bought a token or cryptocurrency before this blog will walk you through the steps you need to take in order to acquire GET.

Make sure you carefully read the instructions and ensure that you fully understand the full meaning of all steps! There are quite some scams and pitfalls that await a trader when one is reckless.

Step 1. Create an Ethereum wallet.

GET is an ERC20 token. This means that in order to own GET you need to have an address on the Ethereum blockchain. Don’t have an Ethereum wallet yet? There are several solutions. We suggest advise using one of the wallets listed below (in no particular order).

  • Metamask (web-wallet accessible with a Chrome plugin/extension).

Check out this instructional YouTube video about how MetaMask works.

Check out this instructional YouTube video about how myetherwallet works.

Check out this instructional YouTube video about how the Leger hardware wallet works in combination with

Please make sure that you are alert when creating and interacting with your wallet. Always check if the URL is correct and the website you are on has a SSL certificate. When in doubt ask us or somebody out of our community for help. Join our Telegram!

The GET Protocol Foundation is not liable for any damages or loss of funds. Trade at your own risk and always be careful.

Step 2. Make sure you have Ether on your wallet.

If you have a Ethereum wallet this means that you are you have a public address to which you can transfer Ether. Assuming you have never bought Ether before this will mean that you will have to acquire Ether with a exchange accepting fiat money ($,€,¥). There is a large amount of exchanges and brokers you can use, to name a few: Coinbase, LiteBit and Kraken. Depending on where you live in the world other exchanges might be more suited, always do your research and make sure you purchase your Ether on a trusted exchange. Be very careful with trusting and clicking on Googling search results! Always double-check that the exchange website you are visiting is the real thing (check the URL!).

Step 3. Use one of the exchanges that lists GET and execute a buy order.

All of the exchanges mentioned below offer trading pairs for GET. To help you get started, we’ve added a short explanation on how to trade on each of these exchanges. If you are still having trouble, check out ways to easily get in touch with our team or community at the bottom of this blog.

To start trading on Liquid, simply go to ‘markets’ and search for GET (or any other token you wish to trade). There are three pairings that you can trade GET for, they are:

From there, you can fill in the price and amount you wish to trade, or select an open order that you wish to fill.

Note: Liquid requires their traders to go through a one-time verification in order to withdraw their funds from the exchange. If you plan on trading here, it’s advisable to get this out of the way, as it can take anywhere between 30 minutes and half a day.

Check out this instructional video on how to use IDEX.

Or check out the instructional document below on how to buy GET (thanks to Tino!).

It’s important to note that CoinOne is a Korean exchange, mostly aimed at Korean traders. Therefore, it might be a bit less accessible than your typical exchange. CoinOne does have a good support team, that will be able to help you out with most questions.

If you would like to make an account on CoinOne, this blog lays out the steps pretty well: ‘How to register on Coinone — guide for foreigners’

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To go to the GET/KRW pair, click on the image.

Uniswap is a decentralised liquidity protocol. It provides an easy way to swap GET for other tokens such as ETH and DAI, and is fairly straight forward. Here’s an explanation:

If you want to swap GET on Uniswap, click here.

Check out the video below. It is not the greatest quality, so don’t hesitate to ask for help in the community if something is not clear.

Check out this instructional video on how to use ForkDelta.

Check out this instructional video on how to use Yobit.

Note that GET might not be searchable in the ‘market’ tab, we’ve asked Yobit to correct this, but in the meantime you can use these links to go directly to the mentioned trading pairs:

How to use DDEX
DDEX prides itself on being very user-friendly, so you shouldn’t face too many difficulties. Here’s a video on how to trade there.

Still confused? Here’s the tutorial broken down into two steps:
1. How to start trading on DDEX
2. How to buy a token on DDEX

And lastly, here’s the direct link to GET.

Blockchain technology is in a way still in its infancy, which means dealing with it is not as user-friendly as possible yet. We understand that, so would you have any questions with regards to buying or selling GET, please join our Telegram and your questions will be answered!

Welcome on board!

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If you want know more about the GET Protocol read our whitepaper, visit the website, join our Telegram community or get yourself a smart event ticket in our sandbox environment.

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