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Lasting Connections: MET Amsterdam — Post-Event NFT Collectibles & Partner Perks

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In this Lasting Connection series, we take a look at events ticketed by GET Protocol partners and how NFT Tickets can be cherished by every attendee post-event — lets see how MET AMS used their NFT Tickets post-event!

Between the 14th to 17th June 2022, Amsterdam hosted a first of its kind four day festival where the Metaverse and Reality came to meet — MET AMS.

The festival featured a blend of immersive experiences, workshops & networking opportunities with panels & keynotes that brought talented individuals & Web3 thought leaders from across the world together.

With the prevalence of Metaverse culture extending across several global industries, from music to art to general business, MET AMS helped to sharpen understanding of critical topics such as sustainability, diversity & access within and around the space.

Image Credit SetVexy:

It was with great pleasure that GET Protocol could facilitate NFT Ticketing for the event through protocol partner GUTS Tickets. As such every ticket for MET AMS was minted as an NFT on Polygon when purchased from the MET AMS ticket shop.

This on-chain registration creates transparency within the ticketing cycle as anyone can view these tickets and their lifecycle on our NFT Ticket Explorer in real-time, here’s an example:

From overview statistics to in-depth lifecycle information — all available on the NFT Ticket Explorer

Using GET Protocol’s infrastructure, attendees require zero knowledge of blockchain or NFTs to purchase a ticket through the MET AMS ticket shop & attend the conference. Every attendee no matter age or technical skill level can enjoy a seamless ticketing experience, whilst benefiting from the fundamental transparency of on-chain ticket registration and the optional post-event connection perks of claiming their NFT.

All tickets are scanned at the event using the rotating QR code that is tied to the attendee’s mobile number. Through these mechanisms and the on-chain transparent registration it becomes impossible for ticket scalping to occur. Event organisers & artists retain control over their event’s data & revenue, being able to keep in touch with attendees at all points in the event cycle, no matter if a ticket is re-sold to another person.

With native NFT Tickets, the role of a ticket in the event cycle is extended. No longer does a ticket hit the trash when used, instead it becomes a lasting connection that offers pre and post-event benefits that all in the event cycle can tap into.

What is fascinating about post-event NFT Tickets is that they can provide a multi-layered experience that helps to further the fan — creator connection.

The outermost layer that features predominantly in NFT design is of course art, culture & identity in which the NFT represents a digital collectible.

But under the surface, at the bedrock of NFT technology is the Smart Contract that mints the NFT. This contract creates arguably the most potent advantage of NFTs, the transparent and trustless link between NFT issuer and holder. Through the use of the ‘Smart Contract Address’ you can reference all NFTs minted under the contract & use them for gated access & community building purposes.

Post-Event NFTs — Artwork

When looking at that outermost layer, the last two years has shown the overwhelming impact that NFTs have had in the intersection between art, culture and community. This wave of adoption has given rise to huge decentralised communities that have quickly become cultural institutions where community members can feel a fundamental level of belonging. This can be highlighted quite clearly by the more daredevil examples of community members going as far as building personal brands around their NFT, such as with DJs, artists and other personas.

Considering the prevalence of art in giving communities this layer of identity and the fact that events can often have their own specific culture, it is important for any post-event NFT Ticket to be accompanied by artwork that can appeal to attendees & help to further the storytelling of the event.

With GET Protocol’s infrastructure, event organisers can specify NFT ticket artwork on a per ticket type basis, which creates endless exciting possibilities. Examples of this in use could be as straight forward as differing VIP & general admission designs to creating a ticket shop with specific collectible card based designs that attendees can choose from!

For MET AMS, the decision was made to create three pieces to be used for the NFT Ticket artwork, which could then be distributed dependent on the ticket type that the attendee owned, with one piece for VIP tickets and two pieces for general admission.

MET AMS — Artwork

For the VIP tickets at MET AMS, a piece was created by axel i jenny titled ‘forever fused peach’.

For general admission tickets, 2 designs were created by NFT artist IO/ONe. Attendees with a GA ticket had a 50/50 chance of receiving either ‘les inséparables’ or ‘altesse nordique’.

Nothing like a fun game of chance!

For Web3 events such as MET AMS, it’s wonderful that NFT Tickets can provide a blank canvas to promote NFT artists from around the space & have their vision distributed to hundreds of attendees.

Post-Event NFTs — Attendee Perks

As each and every NFT Ticket that is issued for events is guaranteed to be in the hands of true fans and attendees, being able to reference every NFT for a single event through the smart contract gives creators & artists the opportunity to build their community around the NFTs knowing that NFT holders will typically have their best interest & passions at heart.

The Smart Contract for V1 of GET Protocol’s Ticket Minting Infrastructure:

In the future this could become an ever building snowball of community members entering an artist’s Web3 brand through new event issued NFT Tickets.

Event organisers & artists can then setup every NFT Ticket to provide access into their digital experiences, whether they be community channels, votes, Metaverse experiences, token gated merchandise, crowdfunding and more.

An example of a future post-event NFT flow

MET AMS — Post-Event Perks

Attendees that claimed their MET AMS NFT post-event were greeted with two additional perks provided by partners of MET AMS in the form of airdrop rewards that were distributed to addresses of NFT holders.

This utility is all possible through the open data on offer with smart contracts providing queryable data of addresses that own NFT tickets without needing any private customer data.

ArteQ Airdrop

ArteQ are an art collective for NFT investments that look to curate & foster artistic talent within the NFT ecosystem and beyond. They were a primary sponsor of MET AMS and as such wanted to provide rewards to attendees that could help them with bootstrapping their community. Since MET AMS had a huge gathering of forward thinking individuals, being able to connect with attendees post-event & bring them into a community is invaluable.

Through NFT Tickets issued for MET AMS, they were able to airdrop ArteQ tokens to attendees that claimed their NFT ticket. This shows how NFT Tickets provide flexibility to event organisers who can now bring their sponsors, venue, investors, promoters and other important pieces of the event cycle together in fostering a stronger post-event bond to event goers.

Beyond — MET AMS AR Jacket

MET AMS partnered with Beyond.Amsterdam, a creative digital agency focusing on developing highly immersive user experiences to create a MET AMS AR Jacket that was distributed to NFT ticket claimees during the event.

Lars rocking his MET AMS Jacket

With the jacket airdropped as a native NFT, attendees could load it not only into their AR compatible app but also wear it inside of the Decentraland metaverse.

This type of digital asset provides a fun and connective reward for attendees that also gets attendees showcasing event locations & creating buzz over social media.

A Brief Conclusion

We hope that this lasting connections blog has showcased not only the wonderful efforts put into NFT (& event!) design by MET AMS but also the flexibility of post-event attendee benefits made possible through NFT technology.

All these benefits are readily available and being utilised daily through GET Protocol with over 2,000,000 on-chain registered tickets issued to date since our inception in 2016. Curious to use our infrastructure? Get in touch with us today:

In time we firmly believe that every digital community will utilise NFTs to create equitably democratic opportunities for decision making, access to experiences and giving fans an identity in an artist’s brand and culture.

NFT Tickets remain one of the most accessible & immediately tangible usecases of NFTs that can impact millions of people around the world and at GET Protocol we are constantly looking to further the mindshare of what NFTs can unlock for everyone in the global events industry and beyond.

That’s it for this one! Stay tuned for future Lasting Connections blogs in the near future & we will see you soon.

New to GET Protocol’s NFT Ticket technology?

Anyone that purchases a ticket from a GET Protocol partner needs no knowledge of crypto or blockchain to attend an event, all tickets are purchased with local FIAT currency through a ticket shop & accessed through a user friendly mobile application. In the background, every time a ticket is purchased it is minted as an NFT on Polygon, which is fully transparent through GET Protocol’s NFT Ticket Explorer:

Any attendee can claim their NFT when their ticket is scanned at the entrance to an event, all the attendee needs to do is enter their Polygon address into the mobile ticketing app and have their ticket’s QR code scanned. We offer guidance on claiming an NFT through:

This is what we call our Web2.5 experience — accessible and user-friendly event attendance, backed by the transparency of blockchain & post-event benefits of NFTs that create a lasting connection between creators and their fans.

Want to learn more about event’s utilising GET Protocol tech? Have a peak at our showcase here:



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