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The next phase in mainstream NFT utility — Presenting the GET Protocol NFT Ticket Explorer

We’re proud to announce today that our NFT Ticket Explorer has launched! After a long time in the making with plenty of buzz and excitement about the possibilities, its initial version is finally released for all to see.

What Is GET Protocol’s NFT Ticket Explorer?

The NFT Ticket Explorer gives a look under the hood at all ticketing activity happening through GET Protocol. This importantly provides a transparent view of ticketing operations occurring whilst also showcasing the magnitude of tickets being processed through the protocol.

GET Protocol has issued over 700,000 on-chain smart tickets since 2016, all for real-world events and bought by non-crypto savvy users. The rate of international usage is expected to ramp up further in the short-mid term.

From massive raves in Amsterdam to museum exhibits in Seoul — GET Protocol’s tickets have already been used by hundreds of thousands of unknowing fans.

More transparency and protection

In an industry notoriously opaque, GET Protocol goes in the other direction. You could see the NFT ticket explorer as a streamlined block explorer that clearly presents easy-to-digest ticket information in a manner that requires minimal technical knowledge. If a user wishes to delve further into a ticket’s complexity like its transaction hashes, this information can be found via the links to the underlying blockchain explorer.

This marks an important step towards presenting a clear look under the hood of all ticketing operations occurring through the protocol and in fact it’s a major achievement for ticketing in general.

A quick tour

Let’s go over the features — both current and coming up — of our newborn.

The homepage provides a statistics hub for real time ticketing data. These metrics can be broken down over various time periods to highlight ticketing activity across a range of dates.

The search functionality allows the user to look up each individual ticket using an NFT Index or other unique criteria — of course there’s also the random button for anyone without a ticket that wants the full experience.

Recent ticket sales and state changes update in real time to give a concrete picture of current ticketing operations occurring through GET Protocol around the world. By clicking on a specific index across both sets of metrics, the user is taken to that specific ticket’s lifecycle page.

To get a clearer look at the status of an individual ticket flowing through GET Protocol, the life cycle page breaks down a ticket’s journey into specific state changes. It’s important to note that not all state changes may occur to one ticket, for example not every ticket will become “invalidated” and later on some tickets may not be “claimed” — which is a feature coming in the next update that will incorporate the ability to claim a ticket as a digital collectible. Something we’re very excited about.

See for yourself

Enough talking — time to show you the goods.

Two important things to take into account.

1.) The explorer is currently importing the existing transactions. Which is why you will be seeing a steady rise in the numbers over the first day or two, until this backlog is filled.

2.) Prior to our recent move to Polygon, over 700K tickets have already been issued. These will be added to the explorer in the upcoming period to reflect the full scope of the protocol’s activity.

Check out the GET Protocol NFT Ticket Explorer

Scaling with Polygon

Over the course of the past five years, we’ve learned that issuing blockchain-registered tickets for real life events requires flexibility and the right approach. In line with this realisation, we’ve recently made the move to Polygon for our NFT Ticket registration. You can find more about that move by clicking on the image below.

In Polygon-related news, we’ve just updated the GET Liquidity Mining Program to include those providing Liquidity on Quickswap. If you would like to know more about this program, click on the image below.

This also means that GET can now be acquired from Quickswap: Click Here To Visit The Quickswap GET Info Page

Events? Which events?
If you want to see just a few of the upcoming events that are powered by GET Protocol, you can do so here.

About GET Protocol
GET Protocol is a blockchain-based smart ticketing solution, that currently allows several ticketing companies across Europe and Asia to issue innovative & transparent tickets. Roughly 700,000+ tickets have already been sold using the protocol since it was founded in 2017, and new ticketing companies have been added recently in Germany, Italy and South Korea.

A blockchain-based honest ticketing solution for all.

As always, if you have comments, questions or suggestions, please drop in to our active Telegram channel, and be sure to follow us on Twitter.

Learn more
If you want to know more about what we do, you can visit our website, drop in to our active Telegram channel, give us follow on Twitter or join the discussion on the GET Protocol SubReddit.

We are always looking for talent. Whether you’re a developer, ticketing guru or NFT expert — feel free to give us a shout. See our open positions and contact info here.

Where to buy GET
Want to get your hands on some GET tokens? Here’s an easy guide.

How to help out
If you are a fan of our system and want to help out, you can do so by spreading the word, sharing our content and leaving a review about GUTS on Google, the iOS app store or Google Play store.

GET Protocol updates and announcements

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