Olivier Biggs
Jul 31 · 2 min read

This was originally posted in the GET Protocol July update blog.

The popular Youtube channel ‘Gierige Gasten’, where two guys try to live life without spending any money, dedicated an episode to getting into festivals without paying.

Their idea was to mess with the scanner system of several festivals by copying the same ticket and have it be checked in at roughly the same time by two different people. Sounds like one of those ‘what if’-stoner ideas, except it actually worked. Here’s the full video if you want to see it happen:

To give some technical context, here’s our Backend Software Developer Santos with some insight:

As seen in the video, other ticketing systems experience issues when the same ticket code is scanned in multiple devices at the same time (or within a very small time frame, a few seconds).

When the scanning network is subject to communication delays between the devices, each scanner is not fully aware of all other tickets scanned at that exact moment, at least until it re-synchronizes with the network and retrieves the full overview of all other scanned tickets.

Eventually, the ticketing company will realize the scanning incident, it just so happens that by then it will already be too late to deny entrance to the duplicate ticket holder.

GUTS employs several techniques that guarantee the integrity of the scanning process. Starting with the GUTS mobile wallets, tickets are only seen by their rightful owner or his friends if he so choses to share his tickets.

These tickets are presented in the form of dynamic QR codes that get updated regularly in the mobile wallet. This means that when scanning time arrives, ticket holders will always have the correct version of their ticket ready to be scanned. When the scanning of an event starts, a central database acts as the real time source of truth for all valid tickets, guaranteeing that those pesky double scanning attempts are quickly detected and disallowed.

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