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How To Get Free Food Online With No Money?

Who doesn’t love free food? After all, with groceries and meal prices rising nowadays, getting the best deals and discounts ensures that you have plenty of money to save for other expenses. And this is extra helpful if you’re on an extremely tight budget.

So, if you’re ever presented with an opportunity to get free food, it’s definitely recommended that you don’t miss out on this chance. And by now, you must be wondering how to get free food delivered to your doorstep or how to get free food with no money.

While that may sound too good to be true, there are several ways you can utilize to get free food. And here’s how you can do it below using the following methods;

1) Sign Up at Survey Sites

How to get free food online? One way is by signing up for survey sites. Sites like these include Swagbucks, OpinionSquare, and Branded Surveys. All you have to do is fill out different surveys and accomplish other easy tasks. Furthermore, you can take up as many tasks as you want, and you are allowed to select your preferred tasks on these sites.

Accomplishing these tasks earns you points you can redeem for various rewards. And as expected, these rewards include gift certificates you can use for free meals at different food stores and restaurants.

2) Visit Food Banks

Another way you can utilize to get free food without paying is by visiting food banks. These food banks serve low-cost or free food to people that don’t have the money to fill up their plate with healthy food. Moreover, these food banks are usually organized by non-profit groups.

And besides free meals, some food banks may also offer free groceries instead. So, if you find yourself not having little to no cash for food, try finding a local food bank that can help you get the groceries or meals you need.

3) Download Food Apps that Offer Free Food

Are you wondering how to get free food delivered to your home? There should be plenty of food apps that offer free food after downloading their loyalty or rewards app. Some of these apps even offer excellent first-order bonuses or a free snack for specific orders.

For example, registering for Panera’s rewards program lets you receive a free pastry from them. Another example includes downloading Krispy Kreme’s app to receive a free donut from them. Overall, tons of food apps offer these free snacks and beverages, and it just takes the right amount of searching for these free stuff.

4) Download Apps that Helps You Look for Leftovers

Are you looking for other means that can help you keep your tummies filled without shelling out cash? You can also download apps that help you look for leftovers. Besides, so many restaurants and other food places end up with tons of leftovers at the end of the day. So, instead of throwing out these leftovers, many people created a solution limiting their daily food waste.

And this is achieved with the help of food waste apps. Basically, these apps look for restaurants, shops, and even people who willingly give away their food waste. All you need to do is look for these people and pick up their leftovers for free. Some food waste apps include Too Good To Go and Olio, so go ahead and help reduce food waste while you fill up your stomach!

5) Sign Up for Restaurant and Food Store Newsletters

Most of the time, establishments will require you to do something for their restaurant in exchange for freebies. And besides downloading their apps or signing for their loyalty program, restaurants will also ask you to sign up to their newsletters for discounts, deals, and even free meals.

So, if you’re ever offered to sign up for a restaurant’s newsletter, go ahead and do so! If you’re lucky, you might instantly get your freebie right away.

6) Work for Restaurants and Food Shops that Provide Free Meals to Their Workers

Are you still looking up other methods on how to get free food with no money? If you also happen to be looking for a job, you can try working for small restaurants that also provide free meals to their workers. Multiple restaurants and other food shops do this, allowing you to save up on meal expenses.

And if you’re fortunate, other small restaurants and food shops even allow their staff to take home leftovers if there are any. But of course, it’s definitely not wise to ask your employers this question during the hiring process.

7) Find Online and Offline Coupons that Offer Free Meals

Tons of newspapers and magazines should contain coupons offering generous discounts for meals. Some coupons might even provide free snacks and drinks. But those aren’t the only places where you can snatch these money-saving deals for your food.

Because of the internet, you are just a few clicks and searches away from finding the best deals online. And coupons for getting free food are no exemption to that. After all, there are tons of coupon websites that you can browse through for the best deals. Although some of these deals require you to make a purchase before receiving your freebie, you’ll still get access to some sweet deals. And yes, these sites do work.

Some well-known coupon sites include RetailMeNot, DealsPlus, and Coupon Cabin.

These coupon sites partner up with multiple merchants in distributing these coupon codes. More importantly, major coupon sites ensure their codes undergo the proper verification and testing before being distributed.

8) Look for Free Food Samples Online and Offline

Are you wondering if there are other ways to obtain free food without exerting much effort? One way to do this is to look for free food samples. Try looking up schedules of food brands and shops offering free food tasting stalls near your area.

Naturally, these free food tasting stalls won’t provide you with generous portions. But if there are multiple stalls, you can simply pick one food sample per stall. After visiting every free food tasting stall, your plate should be full.

Alternatively, you can also search for companies that provide users with free food samples online. Companies do this to let you test their products. If you do this, you should be loaded with tons of great food samples in no time. Do note that some of these companies might ask you to answer surveys to ask for your opinions regarding the products you tried.

9) Work as a Food Taster

Do you have a knack for distinguishing multiple flavors, spices, condiments, and the like in various meals? If that’s the case, you may want to try working as a food taster. After all, this job doesn’t just offer you free meals. You will also receive pay for tasting free food.

Food tasters’ opinions are greatly valued since they help the restaurant in further improving their meals. And besides tasting multiple meals from restaurants, hotels, and shops, you can also evaluate food at different cooking competitions.

10) Work as a Mystery Diner

Other than being a food taster, you can also sign up and work as a mystery diner. To become one, you will need to find an agency that will list you as their mystery diner. After signing up and going through the necessary steps to become their mystery diner, you will now wait for the agency to give you an assignment.

And of course, this assignment requires you to visit a specific restaurant or food place and order food from them. As an agency’s mystery diner, you are assigned to act as an authentic diner for that restaurant. And your job is to collect your experiences throughout the visit and report them to your agency.

The data agencies obtain from mystery diners are then used to enhance several products and services. However, unlike a food taster, a mystery diner only receives reimbursements for the money they spend on restaurants. Nevertheless, it’s still another proven method to receive free meals.

Can you Really Get Food without Spending Money?

Yes, you can obtain free food without spending money at all! All you have to do is look up proven ways to help you get free meals. You can always verify different methods by first looking up their legitimacy on the internet. Once you guarantee they’re safe and legit, you can now venture into these money-saving deals.

Do all of These Methods Guarantee Free Food without Spending Money?

Although most methods in this list will guarantee you free food in exchange for doing something, not all of them might ensure free food. For instance, signing up as a food taster requires skill, so you may not get the part if you’re not good enough for the job. And fortunately, there are still plenty of other ways to get free food without having particular skill sets.


Since food is a necessity, prioritizing purchasing filling food is a must. But sometimes, your budget may not always cooperate with your necessities. And if you’re wondering how to get free food online, you should know that there are many ways you can utilize to receive food without ever spending a dime. As long as you look up legitimate methods and verify their validity before doing them, you should be on your way to filling up your stomach with free delicious food.



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