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How to Trace The Mobile Number’s Exact Location On The Maps

If you want to track someone using their phone or tablet, you can use GPS tracking apps. These apps allow you to see where they are at any given time. The problem is that these apps usually cost money.

However, there are some free ways to get this information. This article shows you how to trace a person’s cell phone location without paying anything.

How to Find the Location of a Cell Phone with Google Maps?

You may have heard about “Geofencing” before. This term refers to the ability to set up a boundary around an area so that your phone will only send messages and calls when it detects that it is within that boundary.

Geofences aren’t new. They were first introduced in 2011 by Apple as part of its iOS 6 operating system.

trace mobile number exact location on map for free

Today, Geofencing has become one of the most popular features of Android smartphones. It allows users to control who gets access to their data based on geographic boundaries.

For example, if a user sets up a Geofence around his home, he can choose whether anyone can contact him while he’s away from home. If someone tries to call or text him from outside the Geofenced area, the call won’t go through.

Geofencing technology works just like you might expect. When a device enters a particular geographical area, it sends out a notification to all apps installed on that device.

This means that you could potentially view the location history of a particular individual by installing an app that monitors their activity. Here’s how you do it:

Step 1 — Download the Geofencing App

The easiest way to start monitoring someone’s movements is to download the app called Geofencing.

This application was created specifically for people looking to keep tabs on their loved ones’ whereabouts. Once downloaded, open the program and sign in to your Google account.

Next, click “Add Geofence.” Choose a name for the fence, enter the latitude and longitude coordinates of the area you’d like to monitor, and finally select a radius size.

Once everything is set up, you’re good to go! You should now receive notifications whenever the device moves outside of the specified area.

Now let’s look at another option that enables you to create a custom geofence.

Step 2 — Create Custom Geofences Using Google Earth

Google Earth is a free desktop version of Google Maps that shows real-time satellite imagery and maps of locations worldwide.

It’s also straightforward to use. Just type in the address you’d like to add to your list of geofences and hit Enter.

Your results should appear automatically after a few seconds. Now, scroll down until you see a tab labeled “My Places,” which contains a list of places you’ve added previously.

Click the blue “+ Add Point” button at the bottom left corner of the screen. A window will pop up asking you to specify the latitude and longitude of the point you’d like to create — type in the appropriate numbers and press Enter.

A map will appear showing the location you chose. Click the green checkmark in the upper right corner to confirm.

You should now have a customized geofence ready to be used. Use it to restrict access to your house, office, or other private property.

Check Out Other Ways to Track Someone’s GPS Data on The Web

Tracking cell phones using geolocation is becoming increasingly common. Many mobile carriers offer this service to customers, but there are other ways to track a cell phone without paying extra.

Cell phone tracking software such as LoJack uses various methods to locate a lost or stolen phone remotely. Some techniques involve triangulating the signal between the cellphone and nearby towers; others rely on finding the phone’s unique ID number.

If you suspect your child has been kidnapped, find a reliable way to track their cell phone. There are many tools available to help you do so — for example. Some can be accessed through the web. However, if you want to ensure that they don’t get too far away from home, consider purchasing one of these devices.

The most basic method involves setting up alerts when a caller tries to reach the victim. Most smartphones come with a feature that allows users to block incoming calls. If the victim doesn’t activate the blocking function, callers may still determine where they are by listening to the ringtone or voice prompts before reaching them.

Use An App That Monitors The Phone’s Network Traffic

This technique requires no special equipment and works even when the phone is switched off. Look for apps that provide information about outgoing and incoming connections.

An app called “Find My iPhone” allows you to locate and lock your smartphone remotely by entering its IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) number. This number is printed on a label inside the battery compartment. In addition, Find My iPhone displays the user’s current location on a map. It is designed primarily for iPhones, but it can also work for Android phones.

Many people think that tracking a phone using the Internet is illegal. But the truth is, it isn’t necessarily against the law. When you install an app on your phone that tracks it online, it sends data back to the developer so he can analyze how often you’re moving around.

This might seem invasive, but it could make your life easier. You’ll know exactly where your loved ones are, and you won’t need to worry about whether they’re safe.

When you buy a new cell phone, be sure to take note of its serial number. Once you’ve found out who owns the phone, contact them and ask to retrieve its IMEI code. Store the IMEI in a safe place until you need it again.

It Is Also Possible To Use Social Networking Sites Like Facebook To Watch Over Someone Else’s Mobile

For instance, the company said it had tracked the vehicle of a criminal suspect at least three times. According to the report, the first time was during a chase after a recent murder near Baltimore, Maryland. Police officers spotted the car in New York City and followed it into Manhattan, where they used the device to identify the driver as a suspect.

You can also keep tabs on kids’ activities. A parent can set up a child’s Google account and then choose which friends will access the data.

A website called KidLogger lets parents monitor what their children do online. Using a browser plug-in, parents can see everything their kids view and click on it while logging onto their computers.

Parental control apps allow parents to monitor their kids’ internet activity without having physical access to their computers. Parents can log on to the site from any computer, tablet, or mobile device and check real-time logs of all websites visited by a given child.

Bottom Line

In conclusion, if your phone has been lost or stolen, there are several ways to find it again. These methods vary in complexity, cost, and effectiveness. Some require only a few dollars, while others can run free.

However, all of these options can help you recover your phone quickly. Also, some of them can be shared with other family members to track down your missing handset as well. So, if you want to get your hands on your lost cellphone fast, try one of these easy tracking methods today!



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