Impeccable Patio Design

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Read on to find out how you can personalize the outdoor space of your dreams!

1. Transitional Design

This outdoor patio is living proof that thoughtfully selected accessories have the ability to transform any space. The single-caster coffee table adds a sense of rustic charm that we just can’t resist!

2. Mediterranean Design

Wrought iron furniture, warm tones, and rich travertine floors make for the perfect Mediterranean escape. To complete the look, simply add low-maintenance succulents and an artful candelabra.

3. Romantic Design

You don’t have to travel to a French chateau to achieve the warm fuzzy feeling that this romantic outdoor space evokes. Opt for climbing vines, neutral accents, thick cushions, cobblestone, and an antique chandelier for all-over elegance.

4. Coastal Design

While an ocean view would be ideal, you can achieve a similar beachfront vibe by setting up an outdoor space with natural wood furniture, accessories in hues of blue, and fresh flowers.

5. Modern Design

Searching for a fool-proof way to add some serious style to your exterior? Look no further than this modern, yet funky space. The geometric tile wall is a fun and statement-making option for the bold at heart!

6. Contemporary Design

6. Bohemian Design

One of the many joys of being outdoors is the playfulness that often ensues. To liven up your backyard, or any space for that matter, opt for statement furniture in neon colors. For a more subtle approach, easily infuse color into your design with DIY neon planters or bold throws.

The best outdoor living spaces are the ones where you can do just that — live in! However you choose to express yourself and your unique sense of design, make sure that you are creating a comfortable space that you will enjoy season after season.

xoxo, Laurel & Wolf