Last week was my first week at Acorn and I loved every minute of it!

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I said good bye to the great Solid State team earlier this month to jump again in a new startup adventure. Those who are familiar with my career know how much I value vison, great team and execution. And all these ingredients are present in this new venture.

First Acorn has for mission to make parenting life easier. In the UK alone there are around 8M families with dependent children who are sharing the same issues and concerns. At Acorn we focus on finding fun and local activities to keep kids physically and mentally busy as well as engaged.

When I met for the first time Adel Kambar our founder and CEO, I couldn’t imagine how deep is this problem for parents. From actually entertaining their children, to educating them in a special field or to just recovering some time for themselves, mums and dads are struggling to find solutions that simplify this process.

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Secondly the Acorn team is composed by exceptional individuals. Our team is spread between London, Moscow and soon NYC. And each member has a dedication and commitment to our mission that I’ve rarely seen. Adel is a successful founder who already went through the ups and downs of building his own company. Vlad our CTO has been building architectures and managing teams for more than a decade. The rest of the team: Alex, David, Dovydas, Marina, Max, Neeraj and Nikolay have all been with tech companies and startups and have already demonstrated how committed they are during our launch phase.

Finally our iOS and Android Apps showcase what great execution is. At MVP level and in a very short period of time, we shipped two native apps that have very few performance problems and are scalable. We are using the latest frameworks to push new features and we work in a completely agile environment. One of the key aspects of this business is the richness and uniqueness of our database, and our team has demonstrated that we can do 20x better than the solutions currently available in the market.

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My role at Acorn will be to oversee Sales and Marketing and make sure that our community of activity providers are happily engaging with our community of parents.

We are adding more people to the London team, specially in marketing. If you happen to know talents who want to join our vision you can pass the word for us.

If you are a parent don’t hesitate to download our iOS or Android app, as for any startup we crave for as much feedback as possible to make sure that we build the right product for the right users.

I’ll be discussing parenting life more and more, so feel free to share with me any insight that you have. You can contact me on Linkedin or Twitter I tend to reply very quickly!

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