How to Maximize a Getaround

After getting fifty dollars of Getaround credit for five dollars on Groupon, Chrissy and I decided to spend all day Thursday exploring areas south of San Francisco. We rented a 2015 Honda Fit and made Palo Alto our first stop. As soon as arrived, we stopped for lunch at Oren’s Hummus Shop, an authentic Isrealean restaurant I’ve eaten at with my parents. We split the beef hummus (really good for sharing) and a side of falafel. We then walked around Palo Alto for a bit and drove down Palm Drive to see Stanford University. We decided to spend our day learning about Silicon Valley’s roots, starting with the hewlett packard garage in Palo Alto, where David Packard and William Hewlett started HP.

After visitng the HP garage, we decidied to see the Apple garage, where Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak started Apple in Los Altos. We then drove a few miles to Apple headquarters in Cuepertino, which we found out is the only place you can buy Apple apparel. So we both bought a shirt and posed for pictures on Infinite Loop with every other tourist. We continued our nerdy day at the Intel museum, a free museam about the history of Intel and thier products. It was really cool seeing stuff I’ve learned in Computer Science textbooks in person.

We then drove to Big Bason Redwoods Forest and I saw Redwood trees for the first time! After diriving for about an hour into the forest, we realized the only way out was the way we came in. The roads were really skinny and curvy, so when we finally left the forest about three hours later we were super relieved. We then picked my brother up from work in San José and ate dinner at Shabuway, a Japanese style hot pot restaurant. It was the first time my sister tried hot pot and she loved cooking the food on the table herself. We hung out with my brother for awhile in San Jose and headed back to the city before our Getaround was up. We ended up driving exactly 200 miles, which the limit without getting charged extra. We had an awesome day, and only spend about 40 dollars total for the car and gas.

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