Asteria Newsletter #2

The Asteria team has been up to a lot since we sent our last newsletter. We are very excited at just how much our community has grown over the last month, and with that growth we have a lot of updates to share. And as we move forward, we will send these newsletter updates every 2–3 weeks as we can.

Product Updates:

  • The device client is almost finished and we’ll let everyone know when they can download and start building with it.
  • The templates for apps and bots will be available when the client software is launched.
  • Currently these are written using Python.
  • To chat with us and other Asteria developers, we have created a Gitter chat channel at
  • We’re going to be launching our Initial Coin Offering soon. We were side-tracked thinking about creating a token through ETC rather than forking BTC. If anyone has any input on this let us know.

Company Updates:

Partnership Updates:

  • We’re currently looking for partners to help out with server/hardware resources and services. If you work for or know anyone working at a company that offers startup credits or would like to partner with us directly, let us know.
  • If you know of any incubators/accelerators that might help multiply our efforts, please reply to this email.

Thanks for following, and let us know if you have any questions we can answer. We’re here 24/7 working to make Asteria’s vision a reality.

The Asteria Team