Bamboo is Live 🚀

Effortless Investment — Invest today’s change in tomorrow.

Bamboo in the works.

After months and months of hard work. 🎉 We are today proud to announce that the Bamboo App is now available for download on iOS App Store 📱.

While this is an important milestone for us at Bamboo, it’s not changing our internal focus on the path ahead. We remain confident and determined on delivering the best possible experience, both in terms of user experience and technology. We are just getting started.

What is Bamboo, except for a plant?

Bamboo 🌱 is a microinvestments platform that allows anyone to seamlessly purchase digital assets, such as Bitcoin. It’s an easy, secure, and effective way to participate in the digital asset revolution. All you need is a 📱 mobile phone and a 🏦 bank account to get started.

Microinvestments fit the daily realities of our lives. We believe it is a low cost (both ⌚️ time and 💵 money), and high impact way to participate in the digital assets revolution.

It is a widely-used technique for driving behavioural change by forming positive 💵😀 financial habits over time. We are applying this proven methodology to Bamboo, making participation in the digital asset revolution an 🕔 everyday event.

Ultimately, the greatest boost anyone can give their holdings is time. Starting early is the key to 🌲sustainable growth. And contributing small amounts often is key to minimise exposure to market swings.

📖 Let’s talk about how Bamboo came to be.

It started in 2016 and truly began in a ‘bullet proof’ 🔫 ☕️ coffee shop in the land of the opportunity, US and A.

Just prior to this a conversation 🗣 began on a 2 hour road trip 🚍 that failed to conclude about the now painfully hyped terms ‘blockchain & cryptocurrency’ phenomenon.

The two ‘co-founders’ at the time each had a collection of different cryptocurrencies scattered across different 🍪 accounts accessible on their laptops.

After 6+ hours 👨🏻‍💻 👨🏼‍💻 and enough coffees to curb sleep for a month (a useful startup phenomenon) they had managed to find and account for ‘most’ of their digital assets.

These are two tech savvy individuals. 🕸 A cyber security expert and tech-centric company operator 🍏.

Yet the 👶🏼 infantile nature of this technology meant even they were unable to manage these digital assets.

💡 The question arose — How is anyone suppose to participate in the blockchain ecosystem if it is this confusing, complex and intimidating?

And as you’ll guess the answer turned out to be… 🌱 Bamboo

⚡️ What’s next for Bamboo?

As we are now out of the wood works, we are entering a stage of continuous improvement and delivery of our product and systems. We are also turning up the dial on getting new customers onboard.

(1) 👨🏾‍💻 We plan to grow our engineering teams (jobs here)
(2) 🍪 Deliver on the product roadmap that can be found here 
(3) 🖖🏻 Stay humble and keep learning from this amazing tribe of people we’ve built this app for. We are amazed by all the feedback and kind words.

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