🎢 May Update

Craig Jackson
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2 min readJun 1, 2021


During May we have been hard at work in building momentum on a new brand, new features and a new product. This month we’ve seen increase volatility in the digital currency market. Placing the importance of Dollar-Cost Averaging into your favourite assets.

📈📉 Market performance

This month stressed the importance of maintaining a long consistent strategy in the market, with Ethereum and Bitcoin both experiencing much-needed cool-offs. We believe this activity is normal in the digital currency market, increased volatility is a trait of a new asset class and this is no different with digital currencies. However, we have seen Gold and Silver maintain solid growth, ending the month 4% and 6% up respectively.

🎉 Our Self-Managed Super Fund product overview is here

You would have received news earlier this week outlining our SMSF offering. Bamboo is now affording you the opportunity to own Bitcoin and Ethereum in your super! If you are interested in understanding more about setting up an SMSF, our accredited partners can assist. Check out our website and download the product overview PDF with a detailed breakdown of the product offering.

📩 NPP Disbursements

The New Payment Platform (NPP) is a new payments infrastructure that: Addresses the needs of an evolving 24/7 digital economy by giving consumers, business and the means to make fast, versatile and data-rich payments. Bamboo is now ingratiating the NPP for disbursements. This means when Bamboo users withdraw funds it will no longer take 1–3 business days. NPP allows for payments to be made instantly. Bamboo will therefore disburse client funds daily and those users with NPP enabled bank accounts will receive their funds within 24 hours of making a withdraw.

👀 A new and improved Bamboo

We have been hard at work refreshing our brand. We will have more on this shortly but for now — here is a sneak preview.

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Stay tuned, we have many more updates coming 🚀

You can download the app via PlayStore at the following link while the iOS app can be found here.