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Giving Trends Report

Giving Trends Report

2021 was a year of unprecedented generosity. Gone are the days of mailed checks and traditional in-person nonprofit fundraisers. We’ve entered a new era of community-driven philanthropy. Millions of dollars poured in from online groups that rallied around a cause — from NFT collections to TikTok superfans. Let’s dive into some of 2021’s best moments.

🎨 A 14-year-old artist-generated $240K+ for charity through her whale-based NFT collection

Belugies, created by a young artist and her family members, aims to build a global community based on giving back and doing good for the world. The NFT collection has donated nearly a quarter of a million dollars to different charities including The Sunshine Kids, Beluga Whale Alliance, Ocean Defender’s alliance, and more. #UgieUgie

💃 An 18-year-old Tiktok star donated $100K for American Dance Movement and hosted a Giving Tuesday fundraiser on TikTok

Charlie D’Amelio kicked off TikTok’s month-long nonprofit fundraising month for #GivingSzn. During the event, D’Amelio announced several local American Dance Movement community programs that will receive grants from her donation. During the fundraiser, her followers were able to contribute alongside her directly to TikTok.

👇 So what does this mean for 2022?

From the way consumers raise money for their favorite charities to the platforms nonprofits target for their next-generation fundraisers — giving has changed. Learn about how giving has evolved in our Giving Trends Report!




Giving at the Speed of Culture

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