Cryptocurrencies exchange in Combine app

How to exchange your Ether assets to Bitcoins within the Combine app.

We’ve recently added a long-awaited (and requested) feature to the app – exchange between accounts. Right now it’s limited, and allows our users to transfer funds only from their existing Ether wallets to their Bitcoin wallets (existing as well).

To give you a better overview — we’re adding this tutorial on how to exchange your assets via app.

First of all, you need to add your existing Ether and Bitcoin wallets. This is being done via the “Add account” option on the accounts screen, which can be accessed from the dashboard, or during the registration process.

Then, you just need to select the type of your existing wallet (which in our case is called “Bank”)

And then, paste (or type in, if you feel like it) the address of your existing wallet:

If you’ve already copied a BTC wallet address to your clipboard – the app will suggest you to paste it just by pressing a button.

Ethereum wallets are being added in a slightly more complicated way:

Ethereum wallets require your private JSON key in order to be able to make transfers upon your request.
Now, I need to emphasize that none of your credentials are being stored by us — it all stays on your device only. All the transactions are processed by – one of the safest and fastest exchanges on this planet. So it’s as safe as it can be.

After you’ve added both the Bitcoin and Ethereum accounts – you will see a new action button alongside the “Add account” – “Make transfer”.

No, I don’t have that much bitcoins, unfortunately – this is just a picture :(

Press this button when you feel like buying some bitcoins and here’s what you’ll see:

Now this one is closer to reality, I must say.

When you’ve decided how many ETH you want to sell – we will let you know how many BTC will you get and what would be the commission added to your transfer. As I said, we use for the processing of transactions, and their commission is always crystal clear:

If you’re ok with the amount and the commission – press the button and confirm the transaction with your password. After the transfer is signed – you can see its status on the dashboard:

Just tap on the banner and you’ll see what’s happening to your assets:

If the status of the transfer is “done” – you will see it only once on your dashboard.

All the transfers with the “done” status will move to the list of transactions as soon as you take a look at them at least once.

That’s all, folks! :)

Hope that helped. If you have questions – please, do not hesitate to contact us via the in-app chat, or by email:

And if your friends are looking for a fast and reliable service for ETH-BTC transfers – let them know about us!