We are making some changes to Combine you need to know about.

In order to give you a better experience and keep supporting the application for you we decided that on the 1st of April, 2018 we will implement subscription for our users.

Even a taxi company Lyft tests it, did you know?

First of all, let me explain — this should not concern our current users and all of those who will join us before the deadline. We will let you know a couple of times before that — so that you can remind your friends to join Combine before it goes freemium.

We are planning to set the price of the subscription to 5.99 euros per month with a monthly subscription, and if you sign up for a year – only 4.99 euros per month.

Now, regarding the specific conditions of the paid version and how it will be different from the free version.

Right now you have no limits on how many accounts you can connect to the app. Some of you have as many as seven bank accounts connected. This will stay as it is, but with the free version you will be able to see all the transactions from only one of the accounts connected. The rest of the accounts will only show you the balance, nothing else. For the beginning, we will choose the ‘active’ account ourselves — based on how many transactions you have on the account in a month. The most actively used account will be the ‘active’ one.

All the rest of the ‘disadvantages’ of the free version are dependent on the first one, as you may have guessed. You will see categorisation for only one of your accounts. You will also see regular payments and subscriptions for only one of the accounts, meaning that you may miss it if there’re some duplicates.

In the nearest future, we will add two more features:

- an option to unsubscribe from some of the services;
- regular reports on your spendings to your e-mail.

Those will also be available only to our premium users.

Again, don’t forget that all the users who will sign up for Combine before the deadline – will keep all the premium features without actually paying for them. Ever. So here’s the link to download the app from App Store: http://bit.ly/getcombine – send it to your friends and help them stay in control of their finances.