1.9 brings Passcode, Extra Portfolio Time Frames & a PRO exclusive Night Mode 🖤

Our 1.8 update only released two weeks ago, yet here we are again with another significant update for your favourite portfolio tracker app. 😍

This update isn’t just about new features though, we also spent a lot of time increasing the speed & stability of the application. Less apparent improvements, yet more important. We’ll continue working on this, as there are definitely still strides to be made with ‘under the hood’ improvements.

But now onwards to more sexy changes to the app! 😏 Here’s what’s new in Delta for iOS & Android 1.9…

Extra Portfolio Time Frames

You’ll immediately notice a change after updating the app. Instead of just being able to filter your portfolio results on an ‘All-Time’ or a ‘1 Day’ period, there are now two new additions. As requested by many, you can now filter on ‘1 Week’ and ‘1 Hour’ as well.

Passcode & Finger/Touch ID

Also highly requested since we kicked off Delta in October last year. The ability to protect your portfolio with a 4 digit code and/or your finger or face! You’ll find a new ‘Security’ option in Settings, allowing you to set this up. Please note that Finger/Touch ID is only available on iOS right now. This is also coming to a future update on Android.

Please don’t forget your code. Our support team thanks you. 😅

Multiple Portfolios Revamp

Immediately when opening the app, you’ll see a tutorial explaining that we have a new way of accessing your portfolios. It’s much easier & more robust to switch between your different portfolios. Also new is the fact that we now show a combined balance total on top. Much PRO!

[PRO] Night OLED Mode

A few versions ago we introduced our wildly popular dark mode. In 1.8, we added the option for colored icons. Now it was the time to do something exclusive for our PRO backers! 🙏🏼 Our Night OLED Mode is even darker than our dark mode, it’s a full 100% black color across the whole app. 😎

That’s it for our 1.9 release. What!? 1.9 already? I haven’t caught up on what’s new in 1.8! No worries, we have a full overview of 1.8 here. Not to keep throwing numbers around, but we’re actually already working on 1.10 which will feature a pretty new & unique element... Stay tuned and until then: let us know what you think about this release. Enjoy!

The Delta Team

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