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Nicolas Van Hoorde
Apr 25, 2018 · 6 min read

Since its inception, we have received a lot of questions about Delta PRO. In light of how we work & think at Delta, we’d like to give some 100% transparent & clear answers to these questions. Let’s go! 😎

What is Delta PRO?

First of all, it’s important to state that Delta is very much a free application. Over 95% of our features are available to all users, with a selection of advanced features being part of Delta PRO, a monthly or yearly subscription.

Delta PRO is Delta’s powerful subscription on top of our free application with additional empowering features ideal for the determined/advanced cryptocurrency investor. PRO being a reference to ‘professional’.

What are the features of Delta PRO?

At the time of writing, there are five perks that are reserved for Delta PRO users, being:

  • Ability to create Multiple Portfolios
  • Sync up to 5 different devices, instead of 2
  • Link an unlimited amount of exchange connections, instead of 2
  • Link an unlimited amount of wallet connections, instead of 2
  • Early Access to certain beta features

As you notice, the perks are built up in such a way that basic usage is available for everyone. Going beyond these limits is where Delta PRO comes into play.

Why does Delta PRO exist? Why isn’t Delta fully free?

This has a very simple reason: to survive. Delta is being used by 1 million different users. As a company, we’re investing in building the best & most innovative product possible for all users. Aside from that, we want a stable & fast product. These things don’t happen by itself. Delta PRO allows us to remain independent. We fully rely on Delta PRO to be able to keep Delta running. Making Delta fully free, without introducing other revenue streams, would make Delta go away as the company goes bankrupt.

What’s the pricing model of Delta PRO?

At this moment, we offer two packages. A monthly subscription & yearly subscription. The price varies based on your region, but the standard USD price is $8,49/month or $49,99/year (which translates to $4,99/month, but billed annually). We’ll introduce a life-time package on desktop soon, which will be priced at $124,99. Based on its results, we might introduce it on iOS & Android soon after as well.

What’s the ‘Early Backer’ deal?

When we launched Delta PRO, it was single-featured. Multiple Portfolios was the single perk, so we wanted to reward our users who wanted to back us in a early stage by ‘locking their price’. This means that if we would at any point in the future increase the price, Early Backers will keep their original pricing.

The ‘Early Backer’ deal is still active, simply because we still need people backing us & we still want to award these users by locking their price. Having people back us, either for the PRO features itself or just to support us, is what allows us to scale the team much faster & develop more features on a shorter release cycle. We can’t thank everyone enough who’s helping us survive by subscribing to Delta PRO. You’re the reason we’re still around. 🙏🏼

Why is it a subscription model & not a one-off purchase?

We need a sustainable revenue model. Relying on one-off purchases wouldn’t allow us to scale & prepare properly as future income would be wildly uncertain. Our features are also built in such a way that it’s a continuous service. That being said, we will soon introduce a one-off purchase on desktop. For $124.99 one-time, you’ll get lifetime access to Delta PRO.

Can I buy Delta PRO with crypto?

At this moment, no. Apple & Google will simply not allow it. Having said that, we are working with partners on desktop to allow for this option. The life-time package as mentioned before, will then be supported for cryptocurrency purchase.

What’s the philosophy behind Delta PRO?

Delta PRO has always been catered for the more advanced user or ‘power user’. We want Delta to feel like a free application (because it basically is for 97%) & only push Delta PRO in a non-aggressive way when certain boundaries have been hit. Our vision behind Delta PRO is that it delivers empowering features, features that deliver an additional experience to the core of Delta.

Will Delta become less free & will existing features be locked for Delta PRO users only?

We don’t have any plans to lock current free features for Delta PRO. In line with our philosophy, we’ll only lock newly added features for Delta PRO if the feature is really destined for the more advanced user or if it’s an additional experience to something every user has access to. Overall, the goal is to keep the ‘freeness’ of Delta, while still increasing the value of Delta PRO.

What upcoming features will be for Delta PRO only?

It’s safe to assume that with every major release, there will be a feature that’s either partially or fully locked for Delta PRO. What these features are, will be announced together with the release announcement. The amount of fully free new features will always exceed the amount of Delta PRO new features.

Will the price of Delta PRO increase?

At this moment, we have no plans to significantly increase the price of our offering. We do plan a slight price change on Android, since our prices on iOS & Android aren’t aligned. This is a small change that will slightly increase the price of the monthly package on iOS & decrease the price of the yearly package on Android. Users that have a monthly subscription on iOS will keep their lower price. Android users that have a yearly subscription will get a couple of months of PRO for free, so that the monthly cost is actually lower than the new price. That way, early backers always did the best deal.

Where & how can I purchase Delta PRO?

Good question! ;) The easiest way on all our platforms (iOS, Android, Mac, Windows, Linux) to buy Delta PRO is via Settings. You should see a ‘Learn More’ button which brings you to a full overview & explanation of our features. As well as our different subscription options. If you’d ever decide to back us via Delta PRO, we’d like to say a huge thanks. You’re key in the evolution of Delta and its features. 💙

This screen might change as time goes on of course. :) But there always will be a button for Delta PRO in Settings.

Do Delta PRO users get prioritised support?

Customer support is the core of our user experience, so we want a fast & efficient process for everyone. That being said, we do slightly increase the importance of tickets related to Delta PRO. In the end, it’s those users that are keeping us afloat & we want to thank them by making sure they feel we’re on their case just that 10% extra. But no worries if you’re not Delta PRO. We love every user, PRO or not & we’ll always try to help you as fast & efficient as possible.

Why aren’t you running ads? Are you selling my data?

As our Privacy Policy mentions, we will NEVER sell your data. All data is also completely anonymised. Exchange specific API keys are stored client-side & are never sent to our server. Aside from that, we’re also purposefully not running any ads in the current state of the application. If we ever decide to run advertisements, they need to ‘make sense’. We don’t want to push ads in between your portfolio or watchlist. It’s annoying & there‘s zero to little context for it. We’d hate that. With that in mind, Delta PRO was our only choice. We don’t run ads. We don’t sell data. We’ll never sell data. Simple as that.

We think that covers most of the questions surrounding Delta PRO. The what, why & how much should be covered extensively & we hope you appreciate our forwardness about these sensitive topics. If you‘d ever have any more questions, you can always reach us via support@getdelta.io — you’ll always get an answer by somebody who’s very closely involved by Delta’s development. Real answers by real people.

Thanks for using Delta!

The Delta Team, which is now 12 people strong (being Advait, Anthony, Filip, Jonny, Lorenz, Maurus, Nicolas, Nicolas, Sven, Toon, Twan & Wouter) + lots of super kind & awesome moderators! 💪🏼

Delta — Crypto & Bitcoin Portfolio Tracker

Delta — Keep track of Bitcoin & 5000+ other cryptocurrencies, manage your ICO investments, get the latest coin price and more.

Nicolas Van Hoorde

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Architect of @get_delta. Also doing some videogame-y stuff for @tastatv

Delta — Crypto & Bitcoin Portfolio Tracker

Delta — Keep track of Bitcoin & 5000+ other cryptocurrencies, manage your ICO investments, get the latest coin price and more.

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