A new Delta update! 2.4 brings lots of improvements and a completely new Portfolio Analytics module

Nicolas Van Hoorde
May 31, 2019 · 4 min read

It’s time to update! Which means we can share quite a lot of new bits that will improve your everyday Delta life. Here’s the list of new changes and features:

Markets Performance

So how good of an investor are you? With our new Market Performance module, PRO users can compare the performance of their portfolio with that of the global market cap and the Bitcoin market cap, with more indexes being added soon. Find this useful new analytics module in Portfolio Analytics.

Automatically Adapt Price to Date when adding Transactions

This one is really neat. When adding transactions, change the date to any time in the past and we’ll update the price to the correct price of that date & time for the pair on the exchange you selected. And no worries, if you already manually altered the price, we won’t override it anymore. Smart!

Change Data Source in Markets

When using the Markets, it wasn’t possible to change the price source. Global Average was the only option. Not anymore! Change it to whatever data source you want and quickly check out an exchange/pair specific price.

Select Global Average as Exchange when adding Transactions

Long overdue, but users can finally choose Global Average as an exchange when adding transactions. Perfect for when we don’t support a specific exchange just yet.

Easy Watchlist Removal

Removing items from your watchlist was kind of a hassle. You can now long press on an item to pop up a confirmation dialog to remove the coin from the watchlist. Easy as that!

Sorry CanYaCoin, nothing personal, just for demo purposes!

And that’s not all…

We fixed a lot of small issues and added a few small improvements that should enhance the experience and the stability of the app. In light of full transparency, here’s the list:

  • Rare occurrence of PRO splash being too big causing it be unclosable
  • Rare occurrence of iOS users didn’t get their PRO perks after purchasing
  • Added option for users to disable in-between screen swiping to optimise speed of the app
  • Rare occurrence of News & Direct not loading
  • Rare occurrence of My Delta link being expired or invalid straight after creating it
  • Issue where some coins were missing from Markets
  • Issue where Market coins didn’t refresh sometimes
  • Rare occurrence of users not being able to turning off passcode when Fingerprint or FaceID was enabled before
  • Issue where sometimes the chart on a coin page didn’t load when the coin just got added to the portfolio and the coin wasn’t added ever before
  • Translations sometimes didn’t get synced properly
  • Added a ‘Device ID’ (obfuscated) to the Support section in the app (under Settings) to streamline support tickets
  • Disabled loading state if HTTP call fails when adding or updating transaction
  • Wrong text was shown for Withdrawals in Full Transaction History
  • In Search, show coins with matching ticker first when searching
  • Issue where “Live Prices” tutorial popped up over passcode screen
  • Resolved issue where keyboard didn’t close when switching from Markets to Watchlist after Searching
  • We now reload charts when the price updates on a coin page
  • Fixed issue where only 7 decimals were showing in significant price notification
  • Added support for more ‘Bought with’ coins when adding ICO transaction
  • Fixed issue where app crashed when tapping Cancel twice on Fingerprint pop-up instead of touching sensor
  • Added sorting for ‘Bought with’ list
  • Fixed issue where ‘Share my Delta’ portfolios were always hiding small holdings
  • Added Cancel option on Search on Markets
  • When scrubbing, copy was missing for 1Y time period
  • Started using correct unicode symbol for BTC
  • Changed copy on alerts from ‘Created on’ to ‘Set on’, so date can change when updating the alert parameters
  • Stopped showing unnecessary zeroes in Trade Size of Order Books
  • Added snackbar notification when coin is unfollowed (previously only when coin was followed)
  • UI optimisation on ‘Price’ field when adding/editing alert
  • Fixed issue where switching between portfolios was switching back incorrectly to previous portfolio
  • Fixed issue where ‘Move coin’ modal was wrongfully showing again when switching portfolios after moving a coin
  • Removed unneeded spaces showing sometimes on Delta Digest headlines
  • Transactions imported via CSV now show ‘via CSV’ and the exchange
  • Change icons of exchanges from PNG format to SVG format
  • App now rotates 180 degrees in “upside-down” orientation
  • Text “Via Wallet’ was missing for transactions imported via Wallet Connections
  • Upgraded React Native 🔥

That’s it for Delta 2.4 — a slightly atypical release as it’s mainly focused on smaller under the hood improvements and fixes instead of a big new feature. That is aside from the Markets Performance module of course, which is a super neat way for our PRO users to compare your performance against the Global Market Cap or the Bitcoin Market Cap. More indexes are due later this year. For the time being…


The Delta Team

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Delta — Bitcoin & Crypto Portfolio Tracker

Delta — Keep track of Bitcoin & 5000+ other cryptocurrencies, manage your ICO investments, get the latest coin price and more.

Nicolas Van Hoorde

Written by

Architect of @get_delta. Also doing some videogame-y stuff for @tastatv

Delta — Bitcoin & Crypto Portfolio Tracker

Delta — Keep track of Bitcoin & 5000+ other cryptocurrencies, manage your ICO investments, get the latest coin price and more.

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