Bars & Pies! That can only mean one thing: 1.11 with Portfolio Analytics is here!

A new update for your Delta app is ready to download on iOS & Android. Delta 1.11 brings two major new features to the app. Let’s get to it straight away! 😬

📊 Portfolio Analytics

The eye-catcher of this release, portfolio analytics, brings you beautiful & useful insights into your portfolio(s). There are ten different analytics modules with more to be added in the future.

You’ll also instantly notice that the portfolio history graph got re-styled a bit. With extra information being the ‘High’ and ‘Low’ of the selected period, it’s now easier than ever to glance at your past performance. Other modules include: the split of your coin holdings, the source of your holdings, the most used exchanges, where your coins are located, a full fees breakdown, an overview of your best & worst decisions and an ICO investment analysis.

⚒ Data Source 2.0

Changing the data source for a specific coin was a multiple step process, with the need to first select the exchange and then the pair. We improved this UI & even went a step further. The data source screen now shows all pairs, sorted by exchange and instantly shows the prices and delta next to it, making it easier to spot potential arbitrage opportunities.

🚗 Improved Performance

We spent a lot of time on improving the performance and the speed of the application. Mostly on Android and most noteworthy on start-up of the application. We’ll keep on working on this continuously as we fully realise that there are still further enhancements to be made.

That’s it for Delta 1.11 for iOS & Android. You can download the update via the App Store or via the Google Play Store. What’s even better? Delta 1.12 might be right around the corner! But first we’re going to order a drink & read a book to re-energize for the upcoming weeks.


The Delta Team

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