Delta 1.10 brings Share My Delta, full Trade Overview & a list style alternative!

We’re back with our 10th major update for our iOS & Android apps. And yes, it’s a special one. The spotlight of this release goes to our ‘Share my Delta’ feature, a very simple & safe way to share your portfolio with friends, family and/or followers. Aside from this novelty, we’ve also added two other substantial features. Here’s the full 1.10 overview. 👇🏼

Share My Delta

We don’t want to speak for all our users, but everyone in the Delta team has had a moment where they wanted to show off his or her portfolio to someone. Until now, you had to take one or multiple screenshots to show off your holdings. This is less than ideal though as sending images feels a bit weird & most of all: it’s a snapshot. One minute later and the story might be entirely different. This is crypto after all. 😅

Hence, we’ve created Share my Delta. A simple & safe way to share your portfolio via your personalised My Delta link. And the best thing of all: it updates along with your portfolio. So the people you share it with can re-visit the link to have a new look at how your portfolio is performing.

And no worries, you have full control. You can decide to only show your holdings via percentages or to password protect your link. You can revoke your My Delta link at any time as well. And obviously, your link is private to you & you only. We don’t share these links, we don’t view them, we don’t index them. It’s your link and your link only. 🔐

An example of a my Delta page, when visiting on desktop. Holdings are shared fully here — but this is optional.

Lastly, we’d like to assure everyone that we’re not going to make Share my Delta something we’ll bother our users with. It’s non-intrusive. We will announce the feature as soon as you open 1.10 but aside from that there won’t be any pushes to try to force you to share your portfolio. The feature isn’t meant to be a ‘referring downloads’ system. It’s meant as an additional value proposition for those that are looking to share with friends, family and/or followers in an easy, safe way. So if you’re not interested, you won’t even notice it.

Full Transactions Overview

This is pretty straight-forward. While we had an easy to scan overview of all your transactions on a per coin basis, there was no way to see a full chronological overview of all your transactions combined. The Full Transaction Overview offers this option & let’s you search a specific transaction very easily. You can search on coin name, pair or exchange. You can find the Full Transaction overview via Settings, under the ‘Data’ section. For those that don’t know yet: via our desktop application you can also export a CSV of your transactions. 🖥

List View vs Card View

When going to Settings after updating to 1.10, you’ll notice a new icon appeared next to the Theme Switcher icon. This icon will allow you to switch between an entirely new design for Delta: list view. Our card view has become pretty iconic but one of Delta’s core developers has been experimenting with a list view style for his own use. We liked it so much that we tweaked it a bit & made it an option to all of our users. You can thank Wouter if you dig this new style! 🙏🏼

A combination of Night Mode, Minimal View & our brand new List View style.

And that’s it for 1.10. A new innovative way to share your portfolio, a handy transaction overview & new look for Delta. We’re eager to hear your feedback about this update & while we’re absorbing your suggestions, we’ll be hard at work for 1.11, which is probably one of our most spectacular updates.

Stay tuned! :)

The Delta Team

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