∆ Delta 1.5 with Transferring, Syncing, Recovery & Hide Balances is available now!

First of all: a happy new year from the entire Delta team. 2017 was a great introduction year for us & we hope to keep on impressing our users with continuous support & new updates. Let’s get straight to that promise. 😏

Our 1.5 update which was released just before Christmas for our PRO, is now available for everyone via the App Store for iOS and via the Google Play Store for Android. Here’s a quick reminder about what’s included:

  • Transfer data to other device - move over data to a new device
  • Sync data with new device - free users can keep two devices in sync, PRO users up to five!
  • Recovery code support - take a screenshot of your recovery code so you can always retrieve your last portfolio state
  • Shake to hide balances (to be enabled it via Settings)
  • PRO - Move coin to different portfolio
  • Search in list of exchanges, coins & currencies: no more unnecessary scrolling
  • Transactions summary: average buy price, sell price & delta are now shown
  • Hide 0 holdings: they won’t be shown in your portfolio any longer
  • Support improvement

For a full explanation what it all means, make sure to read our previous blogpost regarding 1.5 with much more information about these features.

Feel free to report any issues on our social channels, which includes Telegram, Slack, Twitter & Facebook.

Didn’t grab Delta yet?

Delta — Cryptocurrency Portfolio is available on both the iOS App Store & the Android Google Play Store. It’s completely free to download. Your data is completely private and is not sold or shared with any party, not first, second nor third. We also don’t do ads.

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