∆ Delta 1.6 with Exchange API Connections coming soon — PRO users get access next week!

Nicolas Van Hoorde
Feb 2, 2018 · 5 min read

It’s been a busy & atypical month for Delta. Two major projects have been dominating our time in 2018. First of all there’s our desktop version which we’ll have more information to share about next week.

And then there’s our major 1.6 release, focused almost entirely around ‘API Imports’ or how we like to call it: Exchange Account Connections. What is it actually? An exchange connect allows us to import the transactions you made & the ones you will make on the chosen exchange. Automatically. No manual input needed. We will only process trades and fiat withdrawals and deposits. We don’t process cryptocurrency transfers, withdrawals or deposits. This will change in the future when we support these types of transactions.

Now that we talked about the basics of what the feature does, let’s take a deep dive into how we’ve implemented this much requested feature.

Setting up an Exchange Connection

We consider an Exchange Account Connection an alternative way of adding data, hence the decision to integrate it in the flow of adding transactions.

Please note that the list of supported exchanges might vary on launch.

While many users explicitly stated they gladly wanted to go PRO to get access to automatically importing of trades, we decided that everyone should be able to get access to this great feature! 😁 Every user can connect with up to two different exchange accounts, if you want to connect an unlimited amount of exchanges, then you can very easily do this by becoming PRO. 😎

Adding your account details

Setting up your exchange API details is not super straightforward. It involves logging into the exchange of your choice, creating an API key & filling that data into the form. Via the❓icon on the top right, we’ll show instructions on how to get the needed data via a step-by-step instruction panel.

There are some things to note:

  • We only need read-only keys, we have no business with your trade keys whatsoever. This is why, as a security measure, we will actually refuse keys that have a higher access level than read-only.
  • You have the option to not import past trades — this is handy if you actually did the groundwork of adding all trades manually & don’t want to mess with it. Basically this means that we’ll only start import trades that happen from this point onwards.
  • Remove existing Bittrex transactions is interesting if you added some manual trades already but you want to wipe those & replace them with the automatically imported ones.
  • Also be aware that not all exchanges allow us to go back to the time of your first trade on that exchange. Some exchanges limit the import to the last 30 days & some to the last 90 days. In these case, ‘Remove existing transactions’ will only remove that is between this timeframe.
  • Important! Your keys are stored on your device & are never send to the server. This is an extra layer of security which comes with one caveat: API keys data will not be recovered/transferred/synced. There’s however no need to enter the API keys on every synced device, as the trades itself will be synced.

Managing your connections

Once you set up one or more connections, you’ll have the option to manage your connections via Settings. It will also show when the Exchange Account Connections were last updated and you’ll have the option to ‘force update’ the sync process.

Here are also two things to note:

  • Exchange Connections are tied to a single portfolio. If you want the same exchange account to be linked to multiple portfolios, you’ll need to set up the same account multiple times.
  • You can disconnect an Exchange Account Connect but be aware that all data linked to this will be removed as well. If you chose to ‘Remove existing trades’ during the set up process, this data will be put back. We do this to prevent people not being happy with the connect but having their data be gone.

Wrapping up..

That’s our ‘Exchange Account Connection’ feature in a nutshell. It’s an advanced feature, meant for advanced users. The biggest note to be repeated is: we do not import transfers between exchanges (yet). In ∆ Delta, it doesn’t really matter where the funds are. We just import the trades and assume you have ‘painted the full picture’ in the app.

As a short example: if you transfer 20ETH to Binance from your wallet & we import trades from your Binance account, it’s important that there was a manual (or automatic) trade added already which accounts for this 20ETH. Otherwise, you’ll be seeing negative balances in the app. It’s your responsibility to fill in the gaps basically. :)

1.6 is coming soon, but when exactly?

First of all there’s good news for our PRO users: we expect to release the beta version somewhere next week. In the initial version, there will be support for Bittrex, GDAX & Binance. We’ll add more exchanges during the beta process (which will last for about a week probably). After public release, we’ll also keep adding more & more exchanges.

“…new PRO’s will not be added to the Early Access (i.e. beta) list anymore once 1.6 publicly releases. If you want to be sure to get a spot on the Early Access list, you still have about two weeks to secure your spot.”

Version 1.6 also has some minor other improvements such as transaction fee support for BNB & KuCoin Shares. We’ll also make hiding your balances to show percentage holdings more easy. Lastly, 1.6 will remove the ‘Early Access’ perk from the PRO perks list. This means that all PRO’s pre-1.6 will stay on the Early Access list (even after 1.6) but that new PRO’s will not be added to the beta list anymore once 1.6 publicly releases. If you want to be sure to get on the Early Access list, you still have about two weeks to secure your spot. Once you’re on the list, you stay on the list. 😎

Looking forward to hearing your feedback! Feel free to report any issues on our social channels, which includes Telegram, Slack, Twitter & Facebook.

The Delta Team

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Delta — Crypto & Bitcoin Portfolio Tracker

Delta — Keep track of Bitcoin & 5000+ other cryptocurrencies, manage your ICO investments, get the latest coin price and more.

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