Delta 2.0 — live now!

Nicolas Van Hoorde
Jan 17, 2019 · 3 min read

After 16 major updates, it was time for an even bigger change. We’re proud to introduce Delta 2.0, which signals the start of Delta moving beyond a portfolio tracking application. With Delta 2.0, we’re positioning Delta as a complete cryptocurrency platform & network. Here’s what’s new.

News & Direct

You’ll instantly notice that a new shiny globe got added to your Delta. This literally takes center stage of the navigation and acts as a complete cryptocurrency network bringing two worlds together: direct communication from token teams via Delta Direct and objective editorialised content from accredited news sources.

What makes it special is that the feed is completely personalised to your liking and behaviour. You now have the option to follow coins you like, which will decide how your feed is populated. In addition, we developed smartly engineered algorithms that tailor which articles are shown to you based on your read preferences. Furthermore, we can also recommend which teams to follow or give you the ‘Most Popular’ stories of the day.

Maurus, our CIO & co-founder, sums up really well how we approach these things: “Naturally, bigger market cap coins are reported on a lot more and will be shown to more users. However, we really found it super important to make sure that significant news around lower market cap coins doesn’t get pushed aside. We’ve definitely incorporated that in our recommendation engine.”

In essence, we’re doing tons of work in the background to optimise the experience for you, the investor. We strongly believe in bringing objective & subjective content together, while allowing for a new way of discoverability to reward projects that communicate frequently and deliver on their promises.

If you really dig our new News & Direct section, you can even make it your landing when opening the app by going to Settings > Other Options and then the first item.

Completely Redesigned Light Mode

Our 1.16 update already brought a new lick of paint to our beloved dark mode. With 2.0, we did the same for our Light Mode. But we went a step further and completely redesigned it from the ground up. It’s beautiful, if I may say so myself. So beautiful, almost the entire Delta team has fully switched to our new Light Mode. The screenshot below doesn’t even do it justice. It looks super clean. Definitely try it out, even if you’re on Dark Mode. You can switch by going to Settings and tapping the moon icon on the top right.

There we have it. Delta 2.0. The same highly appraised user experience and toolset in a broader scope, a bigger dream. Delta still has portfolio tracking at its heart though, so no worries — we’re still very much focused on catering for the core experience, tracking your investments.


The Delta Team

Didn’t grab Delta yet?

Delta — Crypto Portfolio App is available on both the iOS App Store & the Android Google Play Store. We also have a desktop extension for Windows, Mac & Linux . It’s completely free to download. Your data is completely private and is not sold or shared with any party, not first, second nor third. We also don’t push ads in between your portfolio or watchlist. Or anywhere actually.

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Delta — Bitcoin & Crypto Portfolio Tracker

Delta — Keep track of Bitcoin & 5000+ other cryptocurrencies, manage your ICO investments, get the latest coin price and more.

Nicolas Van Hoorde

Written by

Architect of @get_delta. Also doing some videogame-y stuff for @tastatv

Delta — Bitcoin & Crypto Portfolio Tracker

Delta — Keep track of Bitcoin & 5000+ other cryptocurrencies, manage your ICO investments, get the latest coin price and more.

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