Delta 2.2 out now, breaking records with Direct and a glimpse of what’s next!

Nicolas Van Hoorde
Apr 12 · 3 min read

Delta 2.2 for iOS & Android has arrived and is focused on our Exchange Connection feature. But before we delve into that, you might notice that you now can choose to land on our News & Direct page when opening the app!

It’s the perfect spot to instantly see all Directs and News related to the coins and teams you are following and/or investing in. Feel free to sort on Following, Everything, Most Popular or High caps. Tip: click on “see all” to see the post summaries with a header image. 🤩

What else is new in the world of Delta? Here’s a quick break down:

Delta Direct reaches 500 teams!

Big news; half a year after launching Delta Direct, we can proudly announce that we’ve been able to connect more than 500 token & crypto asset teams with our users. 💙 😎. While we are proud of this achievement, we are also eager to add new teams you’re requesting. That’s why we won’t stop chasing to add more, and appreciate your help on Twitter!

The Block joins Delta News

With the 2.2 update we added a fifth news partner: You are now able to track premium news from The Block as well as from existing partners Crypto Globe, CCN, Sludgefeed, and Crypto Briefing in your digest.

Support added for ‘Balance only’ Exchange Connections

On the portfolio side we added a new type of exchange connections, called ‘Balance only’. This is a more limited connection that imports the current balance, and allows us to support more exchanges like Coinspot and Coinbene, who have a limited API available.

New Order Notifications

PRO users can now receive a notification when order price is reached: If you are a PRO user you can opt to receive notifications when the price reaches that of your limit orders on supported exchanges.

Last but not least, we’d like to give a glimpse of what we’re working on. It’s a new portfolio analytics module called ‘Markets Performance’. Here you can compare how your portfolio is performing versus the overall market cap, Bitcoin, the Coinbase Index and our very own Delta 10 index. Stay tuned!

The Delta Team

Didn’t grab Delta yet?

Delta — Crypto Portfolio App is available on both the iOS App Store & the Android Google Play Store. We also have a desktop extension for Windows, Mac & Linux . It’s completely free to download. Your data is completely private and is not sold or shared with any party, not first, second nor third.

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Delta — Crypto & Bitcoin Portfolio Tracker

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