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It’s here! After almost a full year of development on our biggest release ever, we are super proud to announce that Delta 4.0 is available worldwide on iOS & Android, to all users!

Delta 4.0 is not just a version number increase, it’s the transformation from your Delta Crypto Tracker to being your Delta Investment Tracker. Yes, Delta now supports not only crypto, but also stocks, funds, forex currencies and indices. With even more to come next year. The goal is simple: if it has value and it’s an investment, you can track it with Delta. And in Delta, you’ll have a nice overview of what and how much you own per asset class. Combined and separately!

Improvements! Changes! Optimisations!

It’s a major change at its core alongside other major changes. The UI has been built from the ground up, with massive improvements to speed and responsiveness. We’ve introduced a new Following system, which replaces the Watchlist but is integrated app-wide, making it a much more useful way of following certain assets and instruments. And that’s not all: we’ve set some things straight in terms of profit & loss calculation and we’ve also incorporated a search system, accessible across the entire app.

Last but not least, we’re introducing a completely new Markets section, giving you an overview of all your portfolios as well as how the financial markets are performing. You can adapt this screen to only include the assets you follow. On top of that, each asset category has its own sub-overview to let you deep dive even more into the.. well.. markets!

Nice stuff… but I only own crypto

Naturally, we realise that Delta has its roots in the cryptocurrency world and we want to keep the app as streamlined as possible, just like before, if you’re only interested in crypto. Hence why we introduced a Dynamic Portfolio Experience, which makes sure that you won’t be bothered with different assets if you just own cryptocurrencies. Aside from that, we’ll adapt the markets screen as such that you’ll automatically land on the crypto overview. And when you add a manual transaction, you can just skip the asset selection screen and go straight to the search for coins. Basically, we’ve made sure that the app stays exactly the same in terms of what we’ve offered before and that you’ll barely be confronted with the extra additional asset classes. Win-win!

So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to update and give it a try. As we said, it’s our biggest update to date so naturally there’s still some kinks to iron out. We’re all ears though, so do reach us via our support channels, through email or Telegram. Even though we’re going soon into end of 2020 holiday mode, we’ll be focusing completely on fixes and improvements in early 2021 before adding even more great features to your Delta.

Happy holidays!

The Delta Team

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Architect of @get_delta. Also doing some videogame-y stuff for @tastatv

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