Delta 4.1 arrived! Splits, second fiat currency, zero cost basis & more!

What a start of the year! Not only for the financial markets (and especially crypto, ), but also for the team here at Delta. Launching our major 4.0 update around the year’s end was quite an undertaking and we fully committed ourselves on small optimisations and fixes before adding new innovations to our extended feature set.

That time is now! We’ve just released our 4.1 update, our first major update since the relaunch of the app as Delta Investment Tracker, allowing users to not only track crypto, but also stocks, ETF’s, forex, indices and more. Here’s what’s new:

Support for (reverse) splits

Tracking stocks and/or funds on Delta? Well, you no longer need to adjust for (reverse) split events that happened in the past. We’ll automatically adjust your holdings and your profit/loss calculations. No user action required, we got you covered. You’ll see in the transaction overview when a split has happened and you’ll notice that we’ll apply the correct ratio onwards. Easy peasy!

We’ll also mark the split events on the price graphs for extra convenience.

Second default fiat currency

Want to see your portfolio in more than one fiat currency? Well, now you can! Setting a second fiat currency can be done via Settings > Currency Options. When toggling between your portfolio by tapping the total holdings, you’ll notice that we’re now including that second fiat currency in the rotation. Want to track your portfolio with USD as primary currency and then see it quickly converted to EUR? Well, now you can! Hidden bonus tip: you can see the entire Crypto Markets page in second default currency if you tap on the Total Market Cap or 24h Volume on the top.

Zero cost basis for airdrops & staking dividends

Consider your mined coins, airdrops, forks, & staking dividends ? Turn on the “Use 0 cost basis for forks, mining & dividends” option via Settings > Other Options and Delta will consider the value of these deposits as pure profit. Consider them income? Disable this option and Delta will use the fair market value as the cost basis for these deposits.

Sexy toggles and all, we know.

Support for importing distributions via Binance EAC

Binance Exchange Account Connection now supports importing the distribution history (GAS, VTHO, etc.) as well as interest from Binance Earn products. Only new connections will have support for these transactions so if you want to import these transactions in the future delete your existing Binance EAC (keep your transactions) and add a new connection to import future transactions.

(Beta) Historical Stock/Funds Prices

One of the biggest caveats for non-crypto users is our limited historical data available. We’re working hard on improving this and you’ll see in the coming days that we’re slowly adding data points for all instruments since 2000 (sometimes even older) and afterwards. As of writing, this is already available in the app in a testing phase. We’re aware that there are still issues with some time frames and we’re actively working on it.

And that’s it for our 4.1 update! It’s available to all users for iOS & Android today with all the above mentioned new additions available for free. We’re already working hard on our 4.2 update, which will streamline our Connections Syncing experience, as well as expand our Live Prices PRO feature.

As always, we’re here to listen, so do reach us via our support channels, through email or Telegram to share your feedback!

Download Delta Investment Tracker for free on iOS

Download Delta Investment Tracker for free on Android

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