Delta for Desktop 0.9 Beta has arrived for PRO users

Yes, you’ve read it right! Our desktop beta version has arrived & is now ready to download for all our active PRO subscribers. So if you’re an active PRO subscriber, go ahead and use the download links below to get started.

After launching the application you’ll see instructions to sync between your phone and the desktop version. It’s here where we check if you’re an active PRO user or not. So while you can share the download links with your friends, it will only work if your friends are also PRO.

That being said, we’d like to stress that this is a 0.9 beta version. We’re still actively adding & fixing stuff every day and once 1.6 on mobile hits, desktop should be on par with mobile. At that point, we’ll release our 1.0 desktop version. Great times ahead, we hope.

But enough chit-chat, time to download!

Download for Mac OS

Download for Windows (64 bit)

Download for Windows (32 bit)

Download for Linux (yes, Linux!)

Get involved!

As mentioned, this is an early beta version of our desktop application. Don’t expect it to work flawlessly. But we’ll get there, no worries. We’d love to hear your feedback though, so as always, feel free to join our social channels, which includes Telegram, Slack, Twitter & Facebook.

Screenshots of the app can be shared publicly, but we’d appreciate it if you send bugs to Thanks! :)