Finally! Delta 1.6 with Exchange Account Connections, Transfers & BNB Fees is here!

Nicolas Van Hoorde
Mar 12, 2018 · 3 min read

We know it took longer than expected, but we’re sure you’ll find it worth the wait. Delta 1.6 for iOS & Android has arrived and it’s a major, major update. Here’s what’s included:

Exchange Account Connections

Set up your exchange accounts and let Delta automatically import your transactions. And the good part: all users can use this advanced feature for free with up to two different connections. 😱 PRO users can go even beyond and link up an unlimited amount of exchanges. At launch we support connections with Binance, Bittrex, Bitfinex, Coinbase, GDAX, Kraken & KuCoin, but more will be added in the following weeks & months. Without having to update the app.

As mentioned, this is an advanced feature and to be used at your own risk. There’s more information about this in our previous blogpost. The one major thing that has changed since then is that we DO support deposits & withdrawals if you’d like to import these as well. 🙌🏼 You can also choose to import past transactions but please be aware that enabling this might heavily influence your current portfolio balances. Funds that are being used need to be accounted for. Duh! 🙃


After our decision to include deposits & withdrawals in Exchange Account Connections, we wanted to take it a step further. Aside from being able to manually add a buy or sell transaction, you now can also add transfer transactions. Based on the parameters, we’ll automatically detect what kind of transaction this is and if we need to adjust your balances. You can of course account for transaction fees for transferring funds around, allowing you to get a perfect picture of your portfolio. 😍 The transfer form allows for lots of types of transactions: transfers from wallet to wallet, exchange to wallet, exchange to exchange, airdrops, mining & more! 💦

BNB Fees & Other Improvements

A bit self-explanatory, but basically you’ll now have the option to choose BNB as a trade fee currency when adding transactions for Binance. And yes, the automatically imported transactions will also use BNB. Aside from that, we’ve made switching portfolios easier via the ‘…’ icon on the top right, as well as showing your balances in percentages. As always, we also fixed a lot of bugs. (And probably created a few new ones as well 🤭)

What’s next?

Since this a major release with data sensitive features, we’ll spend some time investigating user cases & following everything up closely. Meanwhile, we’re continuing on building our desktop 1.0 version, which is planned for later this month. Other than that, we’re also working on some surprise stuff for mobile. The next update won’t take too long normally. 😏

Didn’t grab Delta yet?

Delta — Cryptocurrency Portfolio is available on both the iOS App Store & the Android Google Play Store. We also have a beta version on desktop. It’s completely free to download. Your data is completely private and is not sold or shared with any party, not first, second nor third. We also don’t do ads.

Download from iOS App Store

Download from Google Play Store

Delta — Crypto & Bitcoin Portfolio Tracker

Delta — Keep track of Bitcoin & 5000+ other cryptocurrencies, manage your ICO investments, get the latest coin price and more.

Nicolas Van Hoorde

Written by

Architect of @get_delta. Also doing some videogame-y stuff for @tastatv

Delta — Crypto & Bitcoin Portfolio Tracker

Delta — Keep track of Bitcoin & 5000+ other cryptocurrencies, manage your ICO investments, get the latest coin price and more.

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