It’s convert-o’clock with Delta 4.2!

Merely weeks after our big 4.1 update, we’re back at it again with Delta 4.2. The highlight of this release is our Conversion Tool, but there are some neat other additions as well. Read on!

You can find the Conversion Tool

Conversion Tool

So.. the conversion tool, what is it? It’s a nifty little calculator allowing you to convert any asset to any other asset (as long as they are supported in Delta). And with any, we mean ANY! You can compare one to one or even one to many. The system is super flexible. So let’s say you want to know how many TLSA stock you would get for 1 BTC, while also wanting to know how much USD that is, how much AAPL and of course how many DOGE…

Well, then the conversion tool has got you covered! And the best thing, you can generate a beautiful looking image that takes a snapshot of your conversion so you can share it with the world. So in the example above, that image would be like the one below (yes, the image below comes straight from the app!).

This is not a mock.

Where can I find the conversion tool? On the bottom right of the side menu. Easy and always accessible as a quick asset calculator. And that’s just the highlight of Delta 4.2 for iOS and Android. Here’s what else we have to offer:

  • Recent Searches got more stable and should update on the fly when going to ADS from Global Search and then going back!
  • Live Prices has been extended to more than just crypto + supported on more pages like Markets & Following
  • Settings got a new lick of paint and some new restructured subcategories… including a complete rework of the connections screen combining Exchange/Wallet Account Connections into one, allowing you to sync them all at once! On the other hand, we’ve also added support for individual syncing of a specific EAC/WAC
  • You can now choose to sync your Binance connection with Balances only (pending 4.2.1 release later this week at time of writing)

And that’s it for our 4.2 update! It’s available to all users for iOS & Android today with all the above mentioned new additions, all available for free. We’re already working hard on our 4.3 update, which will add support for dividends for stocks & funds. After that: a complete overhaul of our News section and yes, finally, Broker Account Connections!

As always, we’re here to listen, so do reach us via our support channels, through email or Telegram to share your feedback!

Download Delta Investment Tracker for free on iOS

Download Delta Investment Tracker for free on Android

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