Our last major update of the year is here — introducing ∆ Delta 1.4

We initially didn’t plan to do another release for iOS & Android before the end of the year, but due all the positive feedback from our users (thanks!) and the many, many requests we decided to collect the most requested features that were feasible to get done before the Christmas period. 🎅🏼

We ended up with a great list of new features. All fan-favourites bundled into one awesome release. Well, that’s what we hear from our PRO users at least. They got Early Access to 1.4 since yesterday and we’ve heard nothing but good things. We’re hoping you’ll like 1.4 equally much — or even more so! 🙀

The amazing feature list of 1.4

  • Support for iPhone X
  • Portfolio Evolution & History Graph — get a clear overview as to how your portfolio is performing, accessible via the bar chart icon on the top left
  • The small portfolio worth graph now changes to a BTC worth graph when looking at your portfolio in cryptocurrency values
  • ‘Deduct from holdings’ transactions are now linked after creation — this means that you can update the initial transaction and that the linked transaction will be correctly updated with the change
  • Ability to use ‘Deduct from holdings’ option for old transactions where you didn’t enable it (yet)
  • You can now swipe between the main Portfolio, Watchlist & Settings screens for even faster navigation ⏭
  • Want to see as much coins as possible on one screen? Go to Settings > View Options and opt-in for our new ‘Minimised view’
  • Don’t have the world’s best eyes? Via the same View Options screen, you can choose to enable a bigger font-size on the cards 👀
  • Always have to write down that you have 1.43039483ETH left so you can correctly sell the complete amount? Throw away that pen, we now have a ‘Sell All’ option when adding a Sell transaction
  • Using Delta as a cryptocurrency tracker more than a portfolio tracker? Choose the Watchlist as your default landing when opening the app.
  • We heard you iOS users — you can now more easily close the keyboard 😅
  • Notes you added to your transactions will now be shown on the transactions screen
  • To get the latest coins & exchanges, you had to re-sync by pressing the white + button. That still works, but now we also re-sync automatically when you change the exchange in the ‘Edit Transaction’ screen

And as always, some other important (but less visible) improvements, involving speed & performance of the app, data calculations & more. We’ll also keep on adding more exchanges and keep the servers up & running. Bear with us as we try to scale with the increased usage of Delta, for which we are extremely grateful. 🙏🏼

We hope you’ll enjoy 1.4 as much as we do! We’re eager to hear your feedback via our social channels & communities. We’re on Twitter, Facebook, Slack & Telegram. If you’d like to know what we have in store after the new year, we have a big post about our upcoming plans.

We’d like to close of by wishing everybody a great end of the year, amazing holidays and a healthy 2018 with an immense amount of happiness. ✌🏼 The Delta team will take a well deserved holiday break between December 22nd and January 2nd.


The Delta Team

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